Thursday, February 29, 2024

Red Death - Worlds Without Number Session One

 Note that this is DM Peter's Worlds Without Number rpg has been in play for the past two years. So my character the wizard Anteres is a part of a party of explorers who are adventuring to find out what is doing the extinction of the lands surrounding the campaign world.  

Tonight's World's Without Number rpg session saw me in DM Peter's game & us fighting a swarm Xiticix!  Tonight's game adventure saw us going to toe to toe with these insectal horrors. They fought with freakish violence and abandoned. Our Ranger PC Rann Alriddge identified the Xiticix warriors and three young queens! 
We then took a six day journey across the sea to the Xiticix lands and found abandoned hives! Thousands upon thousands of abandoned hives! Why?! 

We knew something was radically wrong with the Xiticix Lands! We sent scouts to the edge of the lands which were three days ride and received telepathic assurances that the insect ravagers were gone. And that's when the scouts saw the rising wall of Red Tide! That's right the Red Tide of  Labyrinth Lord fame has come to call. This is a call back to our Red Tide campaign two years ago. The tide is a manifestation of Chaos that exists between the planes. It's also the debris from the engines of Creation 

Our scouts came face to face with 'tide corrupt' and two of our player's PC's died rather badly. We broke rank and began running. Thus made our way to our ship and the tide corrupt come out of the sea. The party fireballs the tide warriors. We made it but this is where we ended. 

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