Sunday, February 11, 2024

OSR Commentary & Ascendant Rpg Session Report Four - Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav & Training Daze

 The PC's in tonight's Ascendant rpg adventure were training in Japan under contract to Dreadnaught Security. And thier taskmaster was   Stan “the Lariat” Hansen old partner in crime Steve Williams aka Doctor Death. 

The good Doctor brought in some his boys and began to have them spar as well as show them the ropes when it came to Ascendant mercenary tactics. The Lariet's Dojo as it's called is a multi level 'danger room', gym, and extreme sports area. The player's PC's had to out manuever physical obsticals ala flame throwers and the Death's Ascendant boys. These guys form the new Triangle of Power. 
During tonight's game two of the lower tier Ascendants almost took off  Starlight's head. Starlight is our resident telekinetic and energy blaster. She thought the TOP were playing a bit rough. The Triangle's response was that the bad guys were playing for keeps. 

The player's PC's dealings in Capital City have been iffy with the drug dealer's network being fueled by money from the sale of Freak.  Freak goes back to N.W.O. in our games from the Write Up' website. So the point is well taken actually. Dreadnaught Security is paying for the extra training and updating on the group's capacities and powers. 

And this is going to loop back around to the events of Capital City Case Files #2 Served Cold & last session right here. 
For tonight's session we used some of the rules, principles, and ideas that we had seen  the Ascendant Rogues Gallery supplement which is super critical for faster play. 

The PC's got a line on a shipment of Freak that was leaving the Oska labs for N.W.O.'s New York City dock's safehouse. And that's when the party got involved with Mokugeki. And this is where while taking out a dozen namelss  mooks. The ran straight into the giant head henchmen! He had the party choose between a red & blue card. The party chose the red card! 
And even after the training the party received Mokugeki gave the party some pause.. He was able to shrug off some killing blows and then full psycho killer on the party exending his claws! He slashed at everyone! 

Finally our psychic had had it with Mokugeki & dropped the gianr henchmen off the local pier. Needless to say that we may have saved the lead henchmen's life because this was when the Mark I Sentinels showed up and blasted the Freak lab into so much tinder. This is where we ended for tonight! 


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