Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pirate Attack In The Black -- The Clement Sector & The Starguard Class System Defence Boat

 "The Starguard Class System Defence Boat is a 400ton multi-purpose starship. It is not a true “System Defence Boat” as it has limited Jump-1 capability, but is popular with smaller systems who wish to have a reasonably capable ship able to be deployed in a variety of roles including system defence, customs inspection, police actions as well as being able to operate in a ground support role. It is also common with Mercenary Companies operating in a system defence role." 

The Starguard Class System Defence Boat is a ship that was manufactured by Principal Industries in the Clement Sector. Tonight's Clement Sector game session the mission was simple. We were playing delivery boys and bringing this new Starguard to it's planetary defense position. We collector our fee and we're on our way to our next assignment. This of course is the Clement sector and nothing is ever really that easy. 

Well we just get her out of port and towards our jump point. Then all Hell breaks loose. We've got pirates! Not just any pirates mind you, oh no we've got the renagade androids that have been making our party's lives sheer Hell for the past two months. 
This all started when one of our intrepid lot found a renagade A.I. in an old abandoned wreck. From here it jumped aboard a miner's ship after we restranded it! Then it managed to get a ride on a robot and then put itself into an android batch of combat units. 
Since then this crew of androids has been quietly raiding other ships for profit and fun. But also for parts as it wants to keep replicating itself! We've shut the horror down several times blowing up several ships in the process. And then there was that slaughtered colony. Tonight's game was a real cat and mouse affair as three of our number were following the Star Guard in our party's Rax from last session. We knew something was wrong the second we saw the other ship. We tried to engage in communication but to no avail. 

We hung back and had full weapons but the Starguard did but it did have full shields. And so it was a game of playing possum until we got close enough to blast them from the sky. How?! We had our two cybersneaks disable thier weapons and defenses. Knowing that these were the Andies and they wanted aboard the Starguard. We didn't heistate when it came to blasting them! We went to jump and off to deliver the Starguard to her new owners. 
We got paid and delivered the Starguard. The Providence system government wanted a word with us and claimed that they were having trouble with rustlers as they put it. What freaked us out is that these rustlers asked them to turn us over by name! The Providence system government wants to hire us to put an end to the raids on merchant ships specializing in robotic and cybernetic systems including androids. We have an idea who might be involved! 

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