Saturday, February 24, 2024

Deep In The Bandit Army Camp - Warriors of the Red Planet/ Hyperborea rpg Session Report Eight

 This session picks right up from last week's & it picks right up with the party dealing with the underground air car. The party hasn't figured out how it operates and the underground aircar cruised to stop at a preprogrammed stop and the party found themselves hip deep in a fungal garden. No one got out and pressed the glowing button. 

The next stop found the party right in a old engineering parts area and lots of construction that appeared to be in ruins. The whole place was covered in strange fleshy veins and weird skin like flowers as metallic  wicked thorns glinted off the pipes, circuits, and other pipes. 
The glowing button and display beckoned and then the party was whooshed into the next tunnel. Then it was several game hours (few minutes) until the party was lifted into a side tunnel after almost crashing into another underground air car. And then they were lifted up into a weird tunnel and started racing to the surface! 
Here the party found it's aircar erupting onto the surface straight under a tent belonging to some 1st level Green warriors! There were about ten of them and the party found itself face to face in a strange sea bottom town! The Green men's tent was totally ruined! And they began attacking the party! The party also came face to face with the Green's mercenary red men Beserkers! So I took the AD&D Monster Manual Beserker entry and then adapted it for our game. 

Berserker by David Sutherland, from the AD&D Monster Manual, TSR, 1977 

I changed the weaponry to hand ax & Martian straight sword minus the armor. These Martian Beserkers are considered legendary and almost exclusively found in the Bandit Nations of  Mars. And I dropped enough hints for this game session and the player's PC's have found themselves 2,000 miles away from thier original destination. Did I happen to mention the fact that the air car slid back underground during the comotation! 
So they are effectively trapped behind enemy lines. And then escaped into the Martian night with a pack of Green Men Catlots on thier tails. 

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