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OSR Review & Commentary On WAR of the WORLDS (Pay What You Want) By Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For The Cepheus Universal Rpg

 "WAR of the WORLDS (Pay What You Want) 30 pages

"With the release of Cepheus Universal in January 2024, Zozer Games wanted to illustrate its versatility in recreating many different styles of science fiction roleplaying. Why not start at the beginning, in the 19th century, with H.G. Wells’ influential science fiction novel The War of the Worlds?"

"This short book provides Cepheus Universal resources with which a Game Master could easily set-up a War of the Worlds scenario or even a sequel. Included is a timeline of the invasion, the Martian tactics, and the British military response. We discuss the Martian technology, and include PDF forms of all of the tech, including the HMS Thunderchild. Includes maps!"

There are times when Paul Elliot from Zozer Games doesn't play fair!I'm a huge fan of H.G. Wells  War of the Worlds novel. 
WAR of the WORLDS (Pay What You Want) By Paul Elliot  is a thirty page reference for Cepheus Universal that hits all of the high notes of the novel. This supplement is basically a total recreation of the War of the Worlds novel timeline as 2d6 rpg setting.  This review is going too pick right up on the back of the Cepheus Universal rpg review here. 
And it's glorious because War of the Worlds is so darn compact and distilled down to it's essence. It's all here from the Martians, the tripods, the black smoke, the English forces, etc. and you can drop your player's PC's as the Brits of Wells novel trying to deal with the Martians. 
The fact is that while War of the Worlds is pay what you want, the actual book is completely compatible Modern War by Zozer games and also the Hostile rpg. Because of this supplement also works extremely well for Cepheus Universal. 

WAR of the WORLDS (Pay What You Want) By Paul Elliot picks right up from when the cylinders land in the mid 1890's when all Hell breaks loose. You get all of the edges of the empire of Britiana at it's height and breath of power. And they are completely helpless against the power of the Martians! 
2d6 rpging brings home the power and deviltry of the Martians in thirty pages. And it's very well done! 
Is War of the Worlds well done?! In a word, oh yes there's all of the usual suspects from H.G. Wells novel including lots of the details. The layout, fonts, etc are all clearly done and up too Zozer Games standards. If you really want a solid supplement for Cepheus Univeral that hits the high notes then this is it! 

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