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Between a Rock & A Cloud - The Oort Cloud, mini Planet Eris & The Hostile Rpg - Campaign Setting Update Part II

 Beyond the Oort Cloud is Eris and it's promise of riches and more. The Trans Plutonian corridor is highly important inthe campaign world of Hostile. And the Dwarf Planet Eris is incredibly important. But where is Eris?!  The Dwarf planet Eris, "Eris (minor-planet designation 136199 Eris) is the most massive and second-largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System.[22] It is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) in the scattered disk and has a high-eccentricity orbit." A long range colony was established on Eris back during the Age of Exploration befor the second Recession kicked in. See the Hostile rpg timeline. 

Eris and it's moon are important jump point fuel station & hyperspacial corridor. And given the corporate 'gold rush' that was happening with the Oort Cloud. And it's natural resources. China,the United States and European conerns were rushing to establish colonies on Eris. 
Science stations, and exploration bases were established. And slowly but surely the areas around Eris along with it's moon Dysnomia were being exploited. 
Then everything came to a crashing halt and there were several reasons for this.. Reason one was the Second Recession and then radio silence from the Eris colonies! 
There were rumors of interstellar warfare but no one country or corporate entity took up responsibility for the supposed warfare. 
When a mission was launched two years later into the Recession not a trace of any of the colonies were found! 

There may be far less dramatic reasons for the colony losses and that's the planetary wide methane storms that happen on Eris. Eris also has an abundance of nitrogen in a very chemically volitile state perfectly suited as an ingrediant within interstellar fuel. Eris is little explored and only the habital zones where colonies have been established have been exploited by the corporations of Hostile. Eris supports two interstellar  processing & refinery plants and roughnecks have only recently begun to exploit Eris  moon Dysnomia.

Eris's moon's orbit is also hooks into a rare hyperspacial shunt that allows almost instant access into the TransPlutonian Hyperspacial Corridor. This is a region of hyperspace that allows that allows one to cut 10% off of travel time in hyperspace. Why is not fully known nor understood. 
Eris is also the gateway into the Orrt Cloud with many leaving Neptune station and it's colonies for the Cloud. Even the space around Neptune is not as explored as the corporations would have the Earthsiders to believe. There is a 30,000 credit bonus for those willing to do a three year stint on Eris & it's colonies. The close proxcimity to the fledling comets of the Orrt cloud have allowed the corporations to exploit them for commerical mining ventures. 
The liquid methane storms of Eris have proven to be troublesome however. These roiling planetary wide weather events happen in the 'wet season'. And the planet's weather patterns kick up giant roiling clouds of liquid methane that blow across one hemisphere of the planet. These storms last for months at a clip and can destroy even interstellarly created metals and the like. Nothing survives these storms. Newer colonies on Eris have become like sunken vaults deep into the ground going down almost a mile into the mini planet. Space madness and insanity are common and those who serve on the planets are all a bit touched. Still there are fortunes to be made among the Cloud and the TransNeptunian Corridor. 

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