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OSR Application of Wretched Verses Issue 23: Gangs of Avalidad For The Wretched New Flesh 1st or 2nd Edition Rpg

 "Gangs of Avalidad is your guide to the underbelly of a city caught between the dazzling heights of technological advancement and the depths of ancient vices. This Wretched Verse presents a glimpse into the urban fauna that operates in the crevices of Wretched New Flesh’s society. Avalidad is more than just a city; it’s a living entity, a melting pot of cultures, ideologies, and, most notably, conflicts. In this short sourcebook you will find the most prominent street gangs of Avalidad, detailing their territories, sizes, leadership structures, motivations, criminal activities, aesthetics, reputations, and unique traits. Dive into the descriptions of each gang to understand their place in Avalidad’s ecosystem."

One of the things that I  love to do is to dig deeply into an OSR game's setting and Wretched New Flesh Post Cards from Aviliadad 2nd edition is thick with background & setting material. 
Wretched Verses Issue 23: Gangs of Avalidad dives deeply into the underbelly of the future city's underworld. 
And when I'm starting a new Summer campaign in the Neo Biopunk future of Aviliadad this issue is going to come in quite handy. Not only do we get an overview of the gangs, tactics, markets, etc. but we also get a microcosm of the underworld of Avilidad. 

And make no mistake Aviladad is a city of vice and markets. Everything is for sale and all is permited. And the gangs in issue number 23 of Wretched Verses ties directly into Wretched New Flesh 2nd edition. 

Wretched New Flesh 2nd edition is twice the size of first edition  & it highlights the changing events surrounding Avilidad. The time table for all Hell to literally break loose in the city of Avilidad has moved up. First edition Wretched New Flesh Post Cards from Aviladad is a complete rpg unto itself. While second edition is different offering a landscape setting that has at it's heart the beating heart of supernatural corruption and futuristic high strangeness. One part David Lynch, Bladerunner, and at it's heart the weirdness of William S. Burrough's writing. Make no mistake that you've got two of Wretched New Flesh's corporatations about to go to supernatural war. Then you've got fertile ground for deadly adventure. And this supernatural war kicks off the events of the free web comic from The Red Room.  For our campaign what kicks it into high gear is the incident at  the Nakatomi Towers complex. And this of course happens in the Tainted Conception adventure.

The blowback is so nasty that it hits all levels of Avilidad and this is especially true of the street gangs of Aviliadad detailed in
Wretched Verses Issue 23: Gangs of Avalidad. Because this fall out throws events within Avilidad into high gear! This set's the stage for the opening salvo of the Shadow or Occult War.

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