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OSR Commentary & Ascendant Rpg Session Report Five - Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav- Gamber's Round

 The PC's in tonight's Ascendant rpg campaign session started poking around for evidence that Poker Face had indeed returned. The return of one of the group's old villains Poker Face means that the murder count could rise. This vile villain is highly unstable often getting frustrated in his schemes and taking his frustrations out on his victims. He has a hair trigger making this low level Ascendant very dangerous!  Tonight's session picks right up from May 1st session available for a read here.  Events in tonight's game up point the damage to the  criminal underworld from the fall out from Capital City Case Files#2 Served Cold. The adventure plot went something like this; "The heroes are sent to investigate a mysterious and brutal murder in a trendy apartment building by a Cartel enforcer, which leaves them racing to unravel the series of events that led to it, and trying to stop the rampage before it leaves any more corpses.." 

During tonight's game in Bludville the party finally got down and dirty with Pokerface's gang the  'Fifty'. What they weren't expecting was to go toe to toe with a mid level hired Ascendant thug called Bodyslaim  from the Cartels! This was a bit of a shlog for the party. They needed to work as a team because the mercenary Bodyslaim made short work of the team's two bricks. He literally brought two brick walls down on them. He both super strength, regeneration, and sonic powers! 
This attack came right on the heels of the party finding a vital clue and DNA evidence too the lair of Pokerface. 
The player's eventually dropped a car on Bodyslaim! And then before his regeneration could kick in called for backup from Dreadnaught Security to have him arrested. Dreadnaught sent in a clean up crew to take the mercenary in. 
The party then had the evidence gone over by thier own scientist Foxglove in Dreadnaught's crime labs. This is where I used the Ascendant Rogues Gallery for some of the background Dreadnaught Securities NPC's! 

 And the material is from Bluddville's meat packing plant neighborhoods. This is bad news. 
The party went toe to toe with the rest of the Fifty there last year while busting up one of Pokerface's dog fighting gambling and number's rackets! The party is also going to be crossing into one of thier villainous NPC mob bosses 'The Everyman'. A literal master of disguise who rules the meatpacking district with an iron fist! The party will have to arrange a meeting with the 'Everyman' to discuss terms! 

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