Thursday, May 23, 2024

Laser In The Back - - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg -Sole Survivor By Joseph Mohr - Session Report

 So lately I've been talking to a number of players  about possibly introducing a  Circeans witch PC with our Strange Stars campaign. And this was the perfect time to bring in Sole Survivor From Old School Role Playing . The PC's answer a distress call from the Marilith. The signal is very weak and intermittent. It appears to be coming from a desolate moon of a planet in a nearby star system. According to the navigation logs this particular system has no populated worlds nor any known living residents.

The distress message indicates that a ship called the Marilith suffered a collision with a rogue asteroid and had to crash land. The ship computers confirm that there was a ship registered as the Marilith which was reported lost over forty years ago in this general area of space.

It is up to the travelers to decide if they wish to respond to the distress call. Under interstellar law ship captains have a duty to investigate such calls but this law is virtually never enforced.
Last night's game picks right up from last week's session 

The crash site for the Marilith is an E style desert world with no life forms or plant life. And there was one survivor Georgia Klaus. The Marilith's crash was over forty years ago & yet Georgia Klaus only appears to be thirty?! We began to investigate when we found six graves. 
Our space hauler crew suspected an alien life form but scans of Georgia Klaus revealled nothing. We didn't have a ton of time on this planet but we were curious.  and began to investigate further. The deeper we looked into the situation the worse it got! Harriet Clemons was a 
Circean war criminal who had contact with the crew of the Marilith. We checked the wreckage of the Marilith and found the cryopod of the real Georgia Klaus. Just as Harriet Clemons phased through the hull of the Marilith! 

Our cybersneak got lasered in the back by Harriet Clemons & she had a few other surprises for us! We lured Harriet Clemons out of the wreck and were able to save Jerry our cybersneak! Then taking the cryopod of Georgia Klaus we blasted off of the planet. We let the authorities know about Harriet and made our way planetside. Jerry isn't doing too good. He's going to need expensive implants and months to recover. Georgia Klaus has decided to sign on with us in the meantime and brings some psionics to our party! We're going to take care of Jerry but we're advertising for a new cybersneak in the meantime. 

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