Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cartel Genocide - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Earth - Hostile Situation Report #010 Street Scum

 So in tonight's Hostile rpg game, we're still dealing with the fall out from Zozer Games's Street Scum - Situation Report 010 & the taking in of our Fixer Thackery. Whom we saved serveral sessions ago & put on our Russian mercenary unit known as the September Group's payroll. We ended up destroying 'The Vendetta' because of certain unsavory practices that Sentyabr'skaya gruppa aka the September group wasn't having. The Blood Eagles the rivals to the Vendetta took it personally and this led to a blood feud that has bloodied the streets of Neo Houston. Tonight's session follows events from back in December 10th of 

And tonight more nasitness as the Blood Eagle's Mendoza Cartel bosses decided that enough was enough! They sent four homemade tank dreadnaughts against our group. This was a huge mistake as the dreadnaughts are equipped with two flame throwers which took out the gate guards at our head quarters. This ended up having the party declare war on the Mendoza Cartel after the homemade tanks were destroyed with shaped charge booby traps. 
We were not amused at the thought of being attacked in our own house even though technically the party isn't originally from this universe. We took the place of the September group of this universe by taking over thier old headquarters after the originals were killed. We contacted the US police forces and had our hackers dig into thier data bases with our internal contacts. Then we hit the Mendoza Cartel's operations within Neo Huston with raids and slaughtered all of the cartels personel within Neo Houston. 
We then brought several of our assets who have been operating outside on assignments back in house to boost the ranks. We then went on a shopping trip to the black market in Dallas & bought new weaponry from the Dirty Wars Supplement

Our blackmarket contacts in Dallas got very nervous because of the amount of weaponry & ammo we picked up. They wanted to know if a gang war was going to happen in Neo Houston?! 
We simply growled, "Could they get bigger guns?!" And then informed them that they might want to abandoned any operations within Neo Houston. At the stroke of  midnight, the entire headquarters of the 
the Mendoza Cartel in Neo Houston disappeared in a puff of smoke as an orbital sat weapon took it out. We also took out  the Mendoza Cartel's operations out on Abyss & Tau Ceti! 

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