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OSR Review & Commentary On 'From The Beyond' By For The Wretched Rpg or Venger Satanis's Cha'alt

 "The Dha’arma Initiative has once again experimented with things beyond their control. The once benevolent Dr. Chuuth’Nay has unleashed an evil the world of Cha’alt has not seen."

"It is contained inside a secret underground lab… for now. Can your party survive the horror From the Beyond? Or will they too, come to understand insanity as I have?"

Clocking in at forty pages plus maps 'From The Beyond' seems like the kind of gonzo adventure that mashes up Venger Satanis's Cha'alt with the Wretched Rpg and it does! Silvia Clemente of Red Room fame once again proves herself as a good OSR writer/designer with an out and out dungeon romp taking place in an underground lab on Cha'alt. 
And things have gone down hill at the old Dha’arma Initiative laboratory. The whole facility has gone to the undead and it shows! There's monsters running all over this facility and causing all kinds of mayhem. The lab is a veritable maze with the facility filled to the brim with traps and tricks. Clearing this place isn't going to be easy at all. The writing is well done, the facility is dangerous, the layout is very well done, and the font is easily readable. 
'From The Beyond' could give even the most jaded Cha'alt veteran adventurers a work out as they try to figure out what's happened at the facility. Or this adventure could be used as an introduction adventure for a group of Wretched New Flesh second edition operatives or agents to figure out what's happened to the 'From The Beyond' facility. 
I don't want to spoilt the adventure but 'From The Beyond' is a five session or less adventure with lots of twists and turns! This adventure ties the PC's into a possible gut punch for all of Cha'alt. 
'From The Beyond' could easily be tied into the Book 3 of the Cha'alt trilogy's campaign events. The adventure easily fits within the bounds of a full on campaign as a side quest or adventure. 

But is 'From The Beyond' any good?! In a word, yes because of the fact that it can easily be adapted into your favorite OSR rpg or as a jump off point for an entire campaign centered on Cha'alt. This is an adventure that has legs. And hits the highs and lows of Cha'alt as a campaign setting easily. 

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