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OSR Commentary & Ascendant Rpg Session Report Four - Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav & Gamblers Slaughter

 This half of our Ascendant rpg campaign picks up with the player's PCs getting done with second half of thier training under   Stan “the Lariat” Hansen in Japan at his training dojo. And then mopping up the last of  N.W.O. forcees  in our games from the Write Up' website. The PC's are being brought into Bluddville by Dreadnaught Security. And this loops around to last January's Ascendant session here.  Now a series of murders by poisoned blow dart on some of Bludville's high roll gambler's points up the return of one of the group's old villains Poker Face!  I used the character archtypes in the Ascendant Rogues Gallery supplement to sketch out Poker Face who doesn't appear in this session. But whose presence overrode the whole session! 

The events in today's session looped back around into Capital City Case Files#2 Served Cold. Several of the turfs and places in Bludville have been left in a bit of a vaccuum where Poker Face's gang 'The Fifty' have taken over. In this session the PC's got a chance to beat a bit on 'The Fifty before they brought out automatic weapons and RPG's causing the PC's to retreat or there could be more  collateral damage. 

PC's investigations revealed that the gamblers and thier funds were robbed as well as their finiances entirely drained. These gamblers had ties to the gangs and other criminals of the city. Poker Face is looking to buy his way into being a franchisee for Freak however this isn't his only angle.  Poker Face is looking for a substitute for  Freak (an Ascendant drug that grants temporary superpowers or triggers permanant powers in some users). The N.W.O. network is looking for a new distributor even though the leadership has been cut off & arrested. They don't believe that Poker Face is a good public persona for the drug. 
The player's believe that there's a third party interested in the lucrative drug trade within Bludville. And thier afraid that the series of murders could kick off a gangwar. All of the evidence they collected points to the fact that there may have been others at the crime scene. The party routed around looking for any tell tail signs of others at the crime scene. Of course they found that 'evidence' which was spur of the moment planting on the DM's part.  The party are planning thier next move and where to track down Poker Face (last time the vile villain got away with six murders of lotto winners).  

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