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'That Which Stalks & Murders ' - The Nighterror A New Horror For The Wretched Vigilantes Rpg or Wretched Darkness Rpg

 'The cries of the last man or woman dies in the Scottish immigrant  mining camp in the mountains of Nevada.  Hideous inhuman laugher echoes off the tents as a few low moans escapes from the soon to be corpses" 
Written over every surface of the tents in Gaelic was the following, "Chan eil duine a 'teicheadh bho spògan eagal na h-oidhche" The heavily armored form of the flaming green skull seemed to lear more. 

I took nighterror's form from Bradley McDevitt's 

Clipart Critters 392 - Phantom Skull

2024 the Nevada desert the hulking figure clad in purple spandex like material leered over the super heroes, ' "Chan eil duine a 'teicheadh bho spògan eagal na h-oidhche" 

"Cha toir thu buaidh air uamhas!" came screaming out of the pink haired Fey themed hero warrior that looked deep into the eyes of the hulking figure standing over the remains of her team of adventurers! 

The Nighterror or 
Tòrachd na h-oidhche is a former ancient spirit that once was associated the ancient Scottish rites. This spirit degenerated into an Earth bound demonic form that takes the shape of a hulking muscle bound mortal bound in a bright glowing purple spandex like costume & bright green floating skull. Today the  monster is now a psychotic demon of fear bound in mortal form. 
Nighterror is drawn to places of mayhem, violence, & fear! These are the thing the horror feeds off of. Immune to most conventional mortal  weapons & harm the creature uses massive superstrength to cause as much destruction and loss of life that it can. This demons powers are dependant upon terror & fear. It also has limited abilities of illusion, confusion, and domination. 
It's true form is that of a screaming, burning ball of fire, & noise. This form is often used to sew confusion among it's enemies and to travel about. Nighterror's second form of the spandex costumed muscle man is used to stalk it's victims and gut them. It then terrorizes thier friends, family, and blood relations with insults, taunts, and violence. 
Since the Nighterror is an Earthbound demon the creature has a physical form that can be vanquished. Priests or clerics can turn the horror as if it was a spectre. Five times per day the Nighterror can cast fear as per the ritual instanteously. Twice per day the Nighterror can cause confusion as per the ritual as well. 
Since the Nighterror is an earthbound demon the horror can easily shift it's form from male to female sew even more confusion.

Code Name:Nighterror . Real Name: Tòrachd na h-oidhche  Profession: Earthbound Demon. Sin: Guttony. Level: 4. Defense: 14. Health Dice: 4d. Health Points: 25. Movement: 22 meters. Attacks: 1 with claw or weapon. Damage: +2 to hit, by weapon type. Resolve: 10. Skills, Athletics, Acrobatics, Brawling,  Computer, Crime, Drive, First Aid, Guns, Knives, Law enforcement, Survival. Powers: - Perfect Direction Sense: Never gets lost and can always locate magnetic north. - Tracking Scent: Can track a target up to 4 miles away via, Fear Ilusion - Can create illusions based on the target's greatest fear, Claws, Fear Feed - The nighterror drains 1 health dice per melee hit, Five times per day the Nighterror can cast fear as per the ritual instanteously. Twice per day the Nighterror can cause confusion as per the ritual as well. 
The nighterror often has several levels in super strength but it has recently fed on a local hero and overfed so it is slowly processing the hero's soul.  

The nighterrror's usual stalking grounds are Fresno,Nevada and appears to have been released by the passing of the solar flares.  This solar flare sewed the seeds of fear and confusion that released it from it's prison in the Beyond. The nighterror has been known to follow certain juice targets back too New England. But it's usual stalking grounds are  Fresno Nevada to which it always returns!

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