Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review Of The Trinity of Awesome +1 From Kort'thalis Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

Alright so I wanted to take a mini break from Mayfair games reviews to talk about The Trinity of Awesome +1 From Kort'thalis Publishing. Which is a collection of adventures from the madman of O5R role playing  Venger Satanis. Rather then wait for him to send me I comp copy of the book, I thought I'd just dive right in with a bit of brief commentary on the whole package since I was a part of this book since the beginning. Well not behind the scenes but I was part of its birth pangs. This book is a collection of adventures including; Slaves of Tsathoggua, A Green Jewel They Must Possess, Slippery When Wet, and Death Race: Fury Road (all available as individual PDFs). Even though this is an adventure anthology for separate Kort'thalis Publishing rpg's  I've got some  ideas about combining all of them into one mega campaign because that's the way I roll.

So what's in the Trinity of Awesome +1? Well I'll let the creator of the adventure collection explain & show you exactly what's happening in his book. Note that there's some pretty solid ideas happening in the video and the book looks pretty nice.

With that being said let me dive right into the back end of 'Slaves of Tsathoggua' which is part dungeon crawl with a wrap around of a healthy dose of Crimson Dragon Slayer, edition 1.11.but it can be played with the original Crimson Dragon Slayer rpg.  But it can be handled with any old school rpg including that one that uses products of your imagination. "There's something in that cave... the cave all those villagers are afraid of. What's inside? Will the adventurers be able to leave once they enter? What does this have to do with Tsathoggua?" This adventure clocks in at fifteen pages and is filled with memorable NPC's, lots of weird situations, and a ton of strangeness that connects in deep with the world of Thule. It's a solid little show that can take characters from simple farmers to straight up adventurers in one shot. This means that you can take a simple PC from the original Crimson Dragon Slayer with their Eighties alternative world background and 'Wham' they're in full adventurer mode if they survive the adventure.
Next we skip over to 'A Green Jewel They Must Possess' this is an investigative horror adventure that uses the Outer Presence rpg system & its one of my favorite adventures from the Trinity of Awesome Kickstarter. This is because for years now both Venger & myself share a passion for the original Heavy Metal movie with its bridging artifact the Loc-Nar which strings together a bunch of animated anthology vignettes. This adventure features a green jewel & the weird sleazoids who are trying to deal with it's dark evil. Part investigative horror, part neo Noir adventure, and it's perfectly capable of tying into the first adventure to create another angle inside one of the far flung city states of Thule even though it takes place in the modern Eighties.

Slippery When Wet is an Alpha Blue adventure that pits the armies of order against the forces of a renegade intergalactic gang of cut throats who happen to be the PC's. They're on a mission to save the galaxy in this sleazy sci fi romp. Slippy When Wet has a bit of everything from space battles to dungeon crawling. Here's the thing about Alpha Blue despite the silly/sleazy names in the adventure this is one that's tightly designed & well written. Now imagine your PC's getting picked up right after the events of 'A Green Jewel They Must Possess' ala Heavy Metal's heroes and you'll see how all of this begins to connect together. This could be played with Alpha Blue or even something like Traveler with a bit of modification.

All of this can wrap around into Death Race: Fury Road which can easily take place on some alien world where a wizard is holding the Death Race event once again. The PC's are now racers & adventurers in one of the foremost interstellar races the galaxy has seen. The Alpha Blue & Crimson Dragon Slayer connection can be re enforced to give a much heavier Thundarr The Barbarian style feel to the Death Race Mini adventure. All in all this is one of my favorite Venger Satanis efforts because its got so much potential for some seriously twisted fun!

You Can Purchase The Trinity of Awesome +1 From HERE

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