Thursday, December 29, 2016

Re Examing Dwimmermount (ACK's version) Initial Impressions Of The Megadungeon

"It is the place where adventure begins, the ender of lives, and the legend itself. Dwimmermount (ACKS version) From Autarch is all that and more. " I wrote that in January of 2015, and its been a long while since I've returned to Dwimmermount. Well that ended today when I put up a poll on G+ letting others decide if the doors of the mega dungeon swing open within my own world of Ancient & Accursed Terra.

Its been a very long time since I've cranked up my hard drive to look into the PDF of the mega dungeon of  Dwimmermount (ACK's version). Well earlier tonight I got a chance to really look into this mega beast of a book again. Several things just jump right out at me. The first is the sheer scale of the book four hundred & eighty pages of pdf & some of the sprawling mythology of the setting that is mega dungeon. Here are a few things that jumped out at me right from the beginning:
  1. First of all there is completely different take on the Elves, Dwarves,Humans, etc. and the surroundings of Dwimmermount then what's in the ACK's main rulebook this isn't a bad thing but its got far reaching applications within a campaign world's setting. 
  2. The mega dungeon has some far reaching economic & even political reach within any campaign world its placed in. This makes the mega dungeon a major player within the world's its placed within. 
  3. Playing through this beast is going to be interesting & very dangerous. 
  4. The very nature of  Dwimmermount means that this megadungeon is going have planar gates through out's its thirteen levels and more. I also think its not out of line for time lost adventurers to make appearances as well.
  5. Thank the gods for the safe town home base for the PC's given some of the challenges that the players and their PC's are going to face. There's tons of potential here for threading plots in, out of, and around Dwimmermount
  6. The self contained nature of the setting is both a boon and a bane to a DM willing to take the adventure location into their world. There's going to be a ton of adventure and campaign material tied up within the mega dungeon. 
  7. ACK's  skill and proficiency bits are nice and are going to be very necessary if your PC's are going to solve the greater mysteries of this mega dungeon. 
  8. Several weird bits are in this that I didn't catch the first time around of reading it. There are several holes were I can add in my own little twists to the fun. 
  9. I'm going to need to open up my own home campaign to shoe horn in some of the full spectrum effects of Dwimmermount  into my own home world. 
  10. Is there enough time to take the PC's through all they need to get most of the major mysteries and details of Dwimmermount in 2017?
This book is really a tool kit for the design,feeding,  and care of the Dwimmermount setting itself. I'm going to need to spend a bit more time reading, deciding, and getting into Dwimmermount before unleashing it on my players.

The Dwimmermount (ACK's version) of the megadungeon is available right over here

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