Monday, December 19, 2016

1d6 Sword & Sorcery Minor Non Magical Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Passing from hand to hand there are artifacts that have been part pillage, part spoils of war, & have had storied journeys through the hands of owners. Many times this artifacts and items are the focus for those who would possess items of wonder & value. These items seem to find their way to the center focus of attention and important events. They may not be magical but they often seem to be at the cross roads of fate and historical importance. Here then six treasures to be devil your adventurers, henchmen, hirelings, and others with. These items often come with their own price of admission.

1d6 Sword & Sorcery Minor Non Magical Treasures Table

  1. 1d3 Atlantian red gold bars stamped with the seal of a minor house that has since fallen into disfavor, the seal marks this gold as belonging to minor noble house that no longer exists but whose existence was snuffed out  in a one night massacre. Now 5th level assassins search the countryside for any sign of those who would take up the flag of these former royals. Each bar is worth a cool 10,000 gold pieces all on its own. 
  2. 1d6 small silver statues belonging to the dowry of a former princess who has gone into hiding among the local peasant population. The least sign of her will rouse a group of black priests who are hell bent on exterminating any trace of her royal bloodline. Each statue is worth 6000 gold pieces to the right collector of such artifacts. 
  3. A small royal torc belonging to one of the minor royal houses, the torc has eight gems each faceted with incredible details. The torc has the seal form its previous owners and now carries with it a fine for anyone attempting to use it to open a royal crypt mechanically will bring down the wrath of the royal guard who is sworn to protect the treasure vault with their lives. Each torc is worth 700 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  4. A red gold staff belonging to one of the most feared assassination clutches in the city. The staff is worth a cool 40,0000 and is actually a key to one of the giant demon monsters imprisoned in the vaults beneath the nearby city. 
  5. A golden chalice that holds 7000 gold pieces worth of demon gems made from the fossilized eyes of Lovecraftian demons. The chalice itself is a symbol to the local demon cult whose assassins comb the alleys and what not for those who would use the chalice to summon its demonic masters with the special 'word' writ on the bottom of the chalice. Several royal houses want to claim this item for their own. 
  6. A golden  chest that contains the bones of a contested saint of a nearby religion. The chest has been made with bands of onyx, jet, and gold. Its worth a cool 50,000 gold pieces because it also contains the plans for a wonder weapon of enormous potential. A holy order of killers seeks to possess this item and its contents. 

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