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Free OSR Adventure Two Step From Dragon's Foot - Beneath Black Towen And Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep By John Turcotte For Your Old School Campaign


This is another great adventure to put on the table, Beneath The Towen gets the groove of old school AD&D 1st edition adventure or for OSRIC. The adventure pits the PC's right in the sights of 'Dark Forces'. threatening the world of Song. It contains everything you need to run a mini campaign in the old school world introduced in 'Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep'. John Turcotte creates this world with abandoned in this module. Though it can easily be adapted to any retroclone campaign system. Everything is laid out for the players in the introduction. 
"This module is the second in the Her Dark Majesty series, the first being Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep. It is not necessary to play the first module to run this adventure; each installment may be played independently of the others if the DM chooses. If your players have already completed Jarls, then their characters are already considered heroes of the Land of Song. Yngvar approaches them again to seek out the source of this growing menace. The Clans are indeed threatened. Kirsi, the most powerful of Her Dark Majesty’s servants to escape the wrath of the Clans, has retaken Black Towen. Already, she is rallying evil forces beneath the banner of her mistress. The heroes must strike a blow against the dark host before it can muster against the already weakened clans. The party should be between 6 and 8 in number. If there are fewer or more player characters, the DM must adjust the encounters contained herein accordingly. The Jarl can outfit the adventurers with whatever reasonable and necessary provisions they may need for the journey"
The plot builds upon itself as each encounter is played out by the PC's and it echoes many early adventures from the heyday of AD&D. But this time its got gritty sword and sorcery undercurrent to the adventure's action. The tag line even reads like something out of the early 80's Dungeon Hobby shop catalog.
The PC's will be facing murderous humanoid tribes, new monsters, plenty of dungeon crawling action and danger at every turn. Did I mention strange horrific elements playing in the background. 
Once again evil threatens The Land Of Song and heroes must be found. An adventure for characters of level 4-6.
This is a product of the early OSR from 2005,but that being said some adventures are timeless and tap on that sword & sorcery vein. Even with the various demi races in the background,this adventure taps all the right buttons with its encounters and monsters. Beneath Black Towen is a very nice piece of old school build up and gives a nice pacing to itself and is a solid installment in the Jarl saga. This isn't a bad little entry into the Dragon's foot free adventures line.
With the right group of players this adventure can be used to both introduce the World of Song and as a stepping stone for a Dragon Foot style of AD&D or OSRIC campaign adventures for your players. Or it can be used independently as a part of your own world and easily adapted as a puzzle piece of fortune and glory.

Beneath Black Towen
& Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep
For Your Old School Campaigns

Beneath Black Towen is a full on dungeon romp and crawl that hits the high notes of a stepping stone adventure with new monsters, adventure elements,spells,and all of the trimmings for either a convention set up or as part of a one shot adventure.
But really this isn't the only possibilities with this adventure. The PC's can easily be used as part of a back handed whip around by introducing the elements of '
Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep ' to the party. Keep some extra PC's on hand because there is a bit of that deadly ultra violence in this one as well. 

Dark forces threaten everything that the PC's hold dear,the perfect motivator for the heroes to get involved in the world of Song. Even though Beneath Black Towen can played as a stand alone. I believe that the module gains a completely different depth of campaign substance with the addition of Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep. These two adventures can be used to simulate a Dark Albion or Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea campaign. The almost 'Game of Thrones' level of succession, intrigue, dungeon crawling, and adventure elements add just the right amount of nastiness to push the players & their PC's.
Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep is one part dungeon crawl and two part source pack for the World of Song. It also contains a whole bunch of world elements of Song. There's whole pack of trouble heading your PC's way. And that's what this adventure does,it stacks the odds against the player characters and expects to not simply kill the monsters and collect the treasure but act as heroes inside of a sword and sorcery adventure. The adventure pulls deeply from the pulp traditions of sword and sorcery but with a gritty high fantasy asthetic so often found in AD&D. Grab both of them for something a bit different and these modules are solid free material,perfect for an evening's entertainment as well as more.


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