Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review & Commentary On The Free Holmes OSR Reference - Holmes Ref 1.0 For Your OD&D Campaigns

After 'Free Rpg Day' has come and gone there's usually some great items floating around. It looks like James Raggi's Slugs is a hit. Now that being said I don't think I'll be able to grab a copy for a few months until it comes out on PDF; but then again 'Free Rpg' day isn't for me or even aimed at gamers like me. What 'Free Rpg' day is supposed to do is to bring new gamers to the table and new business through the door of your local game shop. Somehow I wouldn't feel right taking valuable material out of the hands of young gamers. Now that being said, there are plenty of solid resources that rear their head after 'Free Rpg' comes and goes. A good example of this is the  Holmes Ref 1.0 sheets that are available from the Zenopus Archives. The folks over there do an incredible job supporting the Holmes OD&D box.


   This is an incredible resource that you can use the entire download to run a whole Holmes based campaign with literally everything you get you get a Character Generation Worksheet, a Blank Character Sheet, Advancement Reference Sheet (formerly "Holmes + OD&D Bridge Table"), Holmesian Random Names, Backgrounds for Human Characters (optional), Cleric Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-6, Magic-User Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-3, Monster Reference Sheet, Magic Item Reference Sheet, Pre-Generated 1st Level Party. You get a dungeon master survival kit for free. The entire kit has everything that you as a DM need to pick up and run a game yesterday! Everything is here to get a game going on a Sunday with Dad, yeah happy Father's Day my friends.

All of the parts and pieces are here to take your players into Holmes OD&D and get a game going. According to the author,"
A glaring deficiency is the M-U spells Levels 4-6, so I'm working on a sheet for those.", this really isn't as big of a deal for getting a game off the ground and running as soon as possible. Is there room for improvement? Sure there is but this is another free reference for Holmes which to me is always welcome. So get those dice rolling and get your players into the dungeon this afternoon! A excellent addition to the fantastic Holmes material that the Zenopus Archive site and blog does. Get those dice rolling today!

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