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1d6 Random NPC Peddlers, Salesmen, & Sleazoids Encounter Table From The Wastelands For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventurers are often the target of a number of confidence men, tricksters, rogues, and person's of evil intent. Often they are just as much the outlaws and thieves as the people they interact with and socialize. Out in the wastelands this often more so where the act of survival means being extra crafty and survival is a way of life. But there are people who can be even more of a benefit or hindrance to adventurers. These people are often adventures unto themselves.

Note that many of these individuals may have 1d6 additional mutations should they become fixture NPC's. That is individuals who appear every other or couple of adventures.

1d6 Random NPC Peddlers, Salesmen,
& Sleazoid Encounter Table

  1. Mr. Endrit a twisted little toad of a man or mutant scarred up and pockmarked with some radiation burns. His flesh has grown around the sites in his flesh giving him a gargoyle like appearance but his brilliant blue eyes are keen and ready for a sale. He has a number of 1d10 technological smalls on them as he calls them. Dressed in wasteland survival gear he often is called in to identify relic technology with his abilities. No one is sure if this is a mutation or magical ability, but he loves to get paid. There is a 20% chance that not only can he identify the item but also give a complete history, and background to it especially those of the ancients. Rumors tell of his massive cache of items and relics in his 'cave of wonders' but those rumors he just laughs off. Mr.Endrit has ties to a particularly nasty group of mutant slavers and will use them to cause havoc or worse for those who double cross him. He carries an advanced laser pistol & superior force field belt giving him an armor class of 5 during combat situations. He used to be an 8th level thief but those abilities are long gone and he's now dwindled down to a 4th level because of wear and age. 
  2. Ingond is of mutant blood and a wasteland picker of the worst type, he often uses his mutant climbing ability to get to unreachable items and relics. But Ingond is actually a look out and scout for a ring of slavers and wasteland thieves who will strip anyone they run across of anything valuable. He is also a salesmen who would sell his own mother into servitude or worse. Ingond actually did over ten years ago. He often has 1d6 star ship, or small technological items on him. Ingond has hypnosis and an illusion abilities for his mutations with a charm person ability usable once per day. He has a slightly demonic cast to his features.
  3. Nguaurinthi The Wise  is a beauty of Elven blood & something else demonic or mutant. She's broken many a heart and mind, she's a rare wasteland wizard for hire with passion for relics of the Ancients & a mercenary streak a mile wide. She carries an alien metal spell book and has a demonic familiar named Charles. There are rumors of a wasteland god backing her but which one is up for debate. She sells a variety of healing potions, and very minor wasteland cures for hundreds of gold pieces from her wasteland wagon drawn by three mutant heavy stock horse like creatures. She has been known to summon demons upon those who cross her and can identify many of the major relics of the Ancients. She also will have 1d6 mutations and 1d10 spells ready for fools who cross her. 
  4. Wern The Alien is a mutant of considerable psychic & psionic talent who wanders the wastelands from the back of his mutant horse looking for something. Rumors have it that he's actually the advanced scout for an alien invasion because he often hangs around the most despicable mutant scum imaginable. Wern sells people & mutants all of the time, he's a slaver whom no one seems to mind around. Weirdly he does double cross friends or fellow adventurers, he uses them to find others whom he can later sell. Yet all of his activities are never brought up when you mention Wern's name. Its almost as if the people or mutants he double crosses don't mind it?! Wern will have 1d10 psychic or mental mutations and he can be identified by his veined and bulbous bald head with his weird green cast skin. 
  5. Sarcazgo The Scumbag is a classic mutant scumbag from a tribe of reptile like gremlin people from the Southwestern half of Russia's wastelands. He's taller and more muscular then his people with a higher intelligence. He's also one of the best damn wasteland mechanics you will ever meet working on a wide variety of trucks, cars, or anything else he can get his claws into. He's got several electrical and mechanical based mutations that help him work with his passion of cars and machines. He's also a lecher of the worst stripe with a string of wives, children, and family throughout the wastelands. Several of which are slavers or worse. Sarcazgo can and will call upon 1d100 of these mutants to cause parties all kinds of trouble should he see an advantage. He always rides alone in a very dilapidated car that looks to be falling apart but don't let the thing fool you. Its a draw for his 'marks' as he calls them adventurers and fools that get involved with this mechanic from hell. He will often have 1d20 cars or trucks for sale should the adventurers prove worthy. 
  6. Urgoriarcarc is an advanced A.I. in the body of an android and it doesn't prefer the term 'artificial person'. Since its inception decades ago this intelligence has seen the rise and fall of human and mutant kind. It has several abilities that enable it to survive in the wastelands, it is able to convert power and parts from the soil and dirt around it. Given time it can make 1d20 parts or simple mechanical objects. It has vast knowledge of the movements of peoples and weather within 1d200 kilometers due to a satellite up link. It is also a doctor specializing in mutant and human psychology. It is also chaotic and very unpredictable. It has a hidden agenda in the wastelands and wanders where it will. It takes 1d6 relics or artifacts for services rendered but these are given to favored communities. If its android body is destroyed it will reappear 1d20 months after such destruction very angry. Urgoriarcarc isn't an android, its actually a satellite A.I. intelligence with some high opinions and a plan for Earth. These plans may or may not involve human or mutant kind at all. Android bodies of Urgoriarcarc will have 1d10 hidden cyborg or robotic weapon systems of a most advanced kind making its bodies very valuable to certain wasteland warlords or collectors.It often sells its services to the highest bidder for gold or relics, it also has a child's like whimsy about such dealings.

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