Saturday, June 4, 2016

Neo Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Beginning & Warlord of the Outer Worlds Recon

 'The stars align and the gates open across worlds'
Eddie Lester
Worlds of If 1968
So its my last day with my wife' to be' and over the last two weeks of our stay together; on the sly I've been checking in with some of my more experienced friends who are old school D&D and TSR players. This is for an up coming Tuesday night game that we've been planning together. Instead of doing a whole new wrap around of yet another campaign world and resource we've decided to go with my Warlord of the Outer Worlds setting. This is going to be a post apocalyptic adventure setting with a mix of old school D&D elements and more.

This is going to be a low down and gritty mix of other dimensional hex crawl along with world hopping adventure thrown into the mix here. This is a face to face adventure game with all of the stops pulled out this means I'll be including all of the resources from the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide including bits and pieces from Gamma World 1st & 2nd edition along with classic elements from Boot Hill. But that's not all here.

So what other fiendish resources will I be pulling on for this upcoming campaign? Well I'd be a fool not to tap some of the fantastic OSR resources especially Dark Albion.

My reasons for doing this are pretty clear; there are numerous dark and very dangerous powers along with the empire of Albion itself whose going to be the main vile villains in this series of upcoming adventures.

Here are my reasons right off the top of my head :
  • The powers depicted in Dark Albion are utterly expansionist and concentric to their own needs. They're motivations and weirdness are entirely justified in their own minds making them perfect villains and foils for adventures. 
  • There is a wide variety of dark things lurking just under the surface of Dark Albion especially the Frogmen who are one of my favorite sets of worshipers of dark and alien gods. 
  • The Cymri are a race of men, who had ancient dealings with elves and are another bit of pulpy old school goodness that appears in Dark Albion. They're too good not to use. 
  • Dark Albion's take on Chaos and Demons is classic occult and dangerous weirdness that really creeps the hell out of PC's in the various games I've played. 
  • The quasi alternative Earth old world  Roman church and gods make great vile powers.

Where are all of these elements from Dark Albion going to fit in this upcoming campaign? Well we're going to have to wait and see all of the folks that I'm going to be gaming with are experienced rpgers and they all know each. We've gamed together many times before and there is nothing like a face to face gaming.
Please bare in mind that there will be more OSR resources and I'm going to swapping material in and out as I the dungeon master needs to do.

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