Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Encounter With The Flind'Yu - A Warlord Of The Outer Worlds Play Event

In tonight's game the PC's where wrapping up an adventure encounter arch when one of my mutant adventurers ran into a troll like humanoid. After a long and drawn out fight the mutant adventurer decided to roast the remains of the monsters and perhaps salt it for later consumption whist his companions closed a dimensional gate in a room of pools which lead to other parallels and time trails. The place is wired through with a weird combination of Mi Go and Ritcher Dynamics technologies. So while one set of PC's scrounged the room for useful bits and relics that the Rictcher folks might have left behind. Our mutant adventurers threw the remains of the troll mutant onto a nearby fire he had started and that when he heard voices attracted by the smell of cooking humanoid meat.

A weird group of dog like humanoid figures dressed in armor and carrying archaic AK - 47 machine guns came marching down the tunnel hall way attracted by the smell of cooking meat. These strange humanoids made no attempt to be steathlty and were a strange sight. Part man, part wolf like dog,and with a nasty disposition. These are the Flind'Yu a race of vat created mutant warriors beholden to the demon god Yeenoghu. Flind'Yu are barely related to humankind at all even though they wear armor but are more then capable of using antique AK-47 and side arms. They have the blood of the Volkosob lines flowing in their genome but retain the chaotic streak of their demonic master while serving as mercenaries for various corporations on other worlds. They're chaotic streak serves them well and makes them unpredictable in battle as well as very dangerous in combat.

The Flind'Yu are shorter and stouter then normal Gnolls and are often found leading settlements of the traditional creations and dealing with the Flind with whom they do get along. Because of their chaotic nature and leaps of logical as well creativity. They are well versed in the arts of war and relic technology as the adventurer found out when he was looking down the receiving end of a machine gun. He was able to disengage and quickly hid down the tunnel hall.

The smell of cooking humanoid also attracted some orcs of the Black Claw Tribe a bunch of wastelanders who fancy themselves the last of the true orc tribes in Russia and generally a pain in the ass of various adventurers. The Flind'Yu warriors take exception to these under classed green humanoid scum. One of the adventurers went invisible and began to taunt one side and then the other trying to goad them into a conflict. It work after a failed wisdom roll on the part of the Orcs. The Flind'Yu opened fire and the PC's hit the dirt until the fire fight was over.

The PC's played cat and mouse games with the the Flind'Yu mercenaries partially because the mercenary commander had an advanced laser pistol and partially because these bastards were far more intelligent then the average Gnolls they'd dealt with in the past. Finally their thief who has some magical abilities was able to invisibly back stab and kill the commander while the others set a stun grenade trap for the rest of the Flind Yu warriors. The Flind'Yu group got picked off one by one ten little indians  style. The Flind 'Yu took up a good portion of the night. The party thought they had the upper hand until the Ritcher Dynamics wizard show up in gas mask and adventuring gear and dropped a plasma grenade into the hallway!

In a puff of brimstone the wizard was gone leaving the party to scramble back into the gate room; one of the party stayed at the controls and was able to teleport the orc bodies, the rest of the Flind'Yu and plasma grenade away from the tunnel. They got no extra relics off the orc bodies but lived to tell the tale. 

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