Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Down & Out At The Keep On The Borderlands - A Warlords of the Outer Worlds Actual Play Event

Tonight I got together with friends to do a character work shop & get to the next campaign phase of my Warlords of the Outer Worlds campaign setting. I took the classic Keep On The Borderlands adventure which I've been using as a trading post on the Russian wilderness, wastelands, mutated lands & dropped the new PC's right into it. They were adventurers who have come in from the wastes to re-equip, find work, and find a safe haven against the radioactive night.

Tonight was one of those games where I had very little preparation time. I came off of another aspect of the same campaign world using this exact module with a totally different angle last night. So I didn't even unpack my books, I got everything ready to go, put out the tables, & the player showed up. I used Fantastic Heroes and Witchery get everyone started in PC generation and dove right in on the campaign world. We ended up with a Dwarven Gothi,  a high Elven Fae Mage, and a psychic. Adventurers  who were dusty, dirty and down to their last gold pieces. Scrapping enough together they met in the shop of a trader whose outrageous prices had the party of adventurers bargaining over every knife, bed roll, and minor relic they could get their hands on. The party came together over the bargaining and wheeling with the trader as he tried to gouge them out of every copper and gold piece they had! Everyone had a lot of fun and it looks like I've picked up a new Tuesday night game on top of it.  The NPC's really shook down the PC's at each & every stall and room that they went to. Fantastic Heroes and Witchery did a really nice job tonight of getting the players into the OSR pulpy mood of the post apocalyptic  science fantasy pulpiness of the campaign.

The OSR Swiss army knife tool box approach of Fantastic Heroes and Witchery's system really seems appeal to veteran players. Its amazing to me how quickly & easily the players picked up on the game. The character creation went off without a hitch tonight and I can wait to launch them into the deep end of the wasteland.

Weirdly enough The Savage GM did a review of Fantastic Heroes and Witchery that really captures all of the bits & pieces of the game as well as the fun. Check this out. 

Ultimately I think that the night went very well and we'll have to see how this develops as time goes on. I would like to add in one or two more players to the table. I have to get certain players new to the system used to it. But everything tonight went a lot smoother then I thought it would.
More as it develops. Don't forget to keep those dice rolling.

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