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1d20 Random Bookmark Guide Encounter Table & Call Bookmark Guide Spirits Spell For Your Old School Campaigns

Between the pages of a wizard's spell book there is often a very elaborate bookmark or other marking device that is far more then an adventurer or wizard might be expecting when they find the a spell book waiting to be plundered in a dungeon or a former rich land owner's estate.

There are spirits and ghosts of knowledge who are drawn back to Earth to serve as the guiding lights of wizards and clerics of particular gods of knowledge. According to Wiki a bookmark is defined as;"a strip of leather, cardboard, or other material used to mark one's place in a book." these book marks are far more created from the essences of the souls of former teachers, wizards, priests, and men or women for that matter of knowledge. Many of these book marks are very special because they bear the coat of arms, pieces of artwork, or more detailed markings which are actually pieces of the guide's souls bound within the bookmark and the book itself. Book marks are important evidence for the provenance of some spell books.

There are certain orders of artist clerics or wizards whose sole purpose is to summon these guides to complete a rare work or spell book. Many are summoned after the passing of a wizard whose spell book has been completed and the great work of their life's last page has been writ. The summoning of such a guide is a 2nd level clerical spell or a 1st level wizard spell and such guides are very important to the continuation of some magickal orders. Summoning a Bookmark guide is grey magick because it blurs the lines between life and death calling back a spirit into the service of a greater good or evil. Bookmark Guides are able to teach up to the tenth level in spells should they feel that their charges can handle it. Many chaotic or

The ritual rite of the spell various but almost always involves book, bell, and candle in a place sacred to the pursuit of knowledge.

Call  Bookmark Guide Spell
Conjuration- Summoning
Level: one wizard or 2nd level cleric    Range: See Text

Casting time: One full round
Save: none
Duration: permanent or unless the spell book is destroyed
Spell Resistance: No  
Effect: Summons a guide spirit into the specially prepared bookmark of a wizard or cleric's spell or order book

Summons forth from the depths of the realms of the dead a spiritual guide for a wizard's bookmark for  spell book or clerical parchment. A specially prepared book mark created as a work of art with no less then two hundred gold pieces worth of ink and pigments must be prepared ahead of the spell. Once the spirit is summoned from the afterlife and bound into the book mark he or she may telepathically advise and council the owner of the spellbook. Those trying to steal such an item will be under the effects of a minor curse and subject to the spirit as a ghost per the edition of D&D that you are using. These spirits often harry thieves for 1d10 months and take special delight in tormenting such fools. The order or owner of the book will be informed of the thief's identity and if still alive should retrieve their property. 
Casters should beware of over using and taxing this spell unless their occult order or priestly line specializes in it. Many gods of books, book binders, and gods of knowledge will put special restrictions upon this spell and may limit its power. Consult and work with your dungeon masters over this matter.

These spirits can often manifest as ghosts for 1d4 hours a day before being yanked back into their charges. There will often be 1d30 spirits gossiping, speaking, plotting, or consulting around a well stocked wizard's or order's library. Adventurers and outlaws will have to contend with these spirits and they can cast spells as per a 1st level cleric or a second level wizard along with the abilities of a minor ghost. Should the book, scroll or object of knowledge be destroyed 
often times spirits will be released when an object of power is destroyed. But this is not always the case there is a 20% chance that the spirit will feel responsible for the object and linger around the book out of honorable memory of the wizard or caster.
Here then are 1d20 encounters for your old school games for parties to encounter Bookplate Guardian Spirits

1d20 Random Bookmark Guide 
Encounter Table

  1. Master Iaelaulago head of the house of Dothurcan and master of the mystic arts has been bound into his life's greatest work and now I'm willing to teach you pupil. Prepare yourself and behold the wonder of magick!
  2. Korgind I was master of the elemental arts and sciences is your heart prepared to learn my occult secrets?
  3. Naliaulko I'm from a far distant star and your alien magick has bound me here. Hear the secrets of another universe student and perhaps shake the pillars of Heaven my student.
  4. Rilinduna I was mistress of six magick schools can you do any better my pupil? Come let us explore the planes and mysteries of magick together.
  5. Salaroro I'm the seventh son of the seventh son, which will you choose? Good or evil with your magickal prowess?
  6. Gunau I'm the humble servant of an alien god and horror from beyond but now I'm bound here to teach you the ways of power. Come with me and learn the black arts fool.
  7. Gurc is my name and you will learn the ways of power or by my black arts you will die. The first lesson begins now.
  8. Heldor is my name and I have taught fools like you magick, power, and the ways of life. We shall begin now.
  9. Hinduthe here have I watched eternity unfold before the many paths of life and death which you shall learn and respect. Come with me now in the eternal wisdom of our god to learn these paths of power and destiny.
  10. Sheror is power and power you shall learn today. We begin now.
  11. Thangirgurgla was once the priestess of ten thousand gods of magick and sexual power. You shall learn at my feet and grovel for my gifts fool. Now turn the page and we shall begin.
  12. Ugruling is the first step to power and within these pages is the keys to faith & power. Now we shall explore the further reaches of Heaven and Hell within.
  13. Vazg is my name and your soul is my game. We shall be playing games of blood,dust, and magick today. Now we begin with the four folded gates of Hell.
  14. Welalrtu was once a prince of the elemental plane of Earth but now I'm your guide in magick and the mysteries of our god. Come along pupil we have only a short lifetime to explore.
  15. Cathimanc is a being of power and magick within my pages you will find more treasures then mere faith and gold. I was once a being of Heaven and Hell together we shall explore the gifts of both places.
  16. Chit is alien, Chit is great, now you must come with Chit and become greater still if you have Chit's courage.
  17. Dothurcan of the house of Doth holder of the twelve keys of wisdom, and ruler of the seven truths of Com. You are my charge and by the gods you will learn my lessons.
  18. Ethirir was once a queen of her people who ruled through might and magick but today I'm beginning to teach you the dark arts and perhaps you might rule as well.
  19. Fako is a great magus and a  grand shape shifter, perhaps you might lose your identity and become a great caster as well. Now come along and let us lose our identities in the all of everything little student.
  20.  Arorotugogorgu was once the ruler of a plane of Hell for a time but now I'm bound here to teach you of all people the ways and means of magick.

This is one of my original works and before using it for a published piece please ask me. Thanks

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