Saturday, June 25, 2016

1d20 Random Moderate Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaign

Here are some moderate treasures for your adventurers to stumble upon with that ruin or post apocalyptic dungeon. These treasures are not campaign wreckers but can provide some great clues or background for your old school campaigns. Many of these may have come from the Ancients but who knows? Here are 1d20 treasures that might their worm their way into your old school campaigns.

1d20 Random Moderate
Treasures Table 
  1.  A crown of iron covered with diamonds sitting in the tips the thorns on this piece. (540 gold pieces )
  2. Silver in laid drinking horn with a dragon wrapped round a skull worth 200 gold pieces 
  3. Sculpted torc with silver knotwork and a raven's head worth 600 gold pieces because of the personalized nature of the piece.
  4. Clock work device made from silver which works and its worth about 400 gold. 
  5. A six inch crystal statue with lots of gold in lay work worth 600 gold pieces 
  6. A crystal pitcher of a most extremely nice nature worth 700 gold pieces or more if you can find the crystal top. 
  7. Eight inch golden dragon with a wooden heart of iron wood. worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  8. An incredibly detailed Machalite of a giant saber toothed tiger worth about (275) 
  9. Horn of incredibly intricate detailed carvings from daily life in Atlantis worth about 300 gold pieces)
  10. Small chest containing the jeweled heart of some ancient robotic mad man. This piece is worth 400 gold pieces. 
  11. Bracelet made from emerald jade and studded with semi precious stones (200 gold pieces)
  12. A collection of hand carved pipes with a variety of dieties on them. Worth about 178  gold pieces 
  13. A hand carved black obsidian mirror used in black magick and worth about 300 gold pieces to the right lucky collector 
  14. A bolt of incredibly valuable silk bolt worth about 277 gold pieces
  15. A huge hand carved bowl of incredible aspect worth about 160 gold pieces to the right collctor. 
  16. A collar created by an industrial accident that has been transformed into a work of art (300 gold pieces to the right collector) 
  17. A ring of ruby and gold that can easily fit a half ogre worth about 375 gold pieces 
  18. Metal black card of banishment for dismissing a demon or other planar entity back to its old dimension. Worth about 200 gold pieces 
  19. Elven piece of artwork worth about 500 gold pieces 
  20. A finely wrought piece of Elven jewelry worth about 700 gold pieces 

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