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1d20 Random Minor Space Adventurer's Treasures Left Behind Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are adventurers who stumble through other dimensional doors & cracks in reality, these beings often come from ancient far off lands even from other planets.Adventurers often leave behind minor treasures & relics often in caches of lost technologies.These items sometimes crop up in the wastelands and out of the way places where one would least expect them to be. Adventurers from elsewhere can be unpredictable & often very dangerous because of being on unfamiliar territories.Here's some random finds for your own party to stumble upon and their value in gold coinage.

1d20  Random Minor Space Adventurer's Treasures
Left Behind Table

  1.   A silver plated control rod and holster unit, these items are able to control any simple electronic or mechanical system. Worth about 480 gold pieces 
  2. Ray gun with a half charge with 10 charges and does 1d8 +2 electrical damage and 50 foot range worth about  600 gold pieces
  3. Wand of humanoid charm this wand is able to charm 1d8 humanoids within a 20 foot radius worth 200 gold pieces 
  4. Ring of shocking grasp 1d10 charges able to cast shocking grasp 20 foot range. Worth 200 gold pieces 
  5. Barrel of Power - This device is able to power 1d10 devices or complex machines and this item won't will not run out of power but the device will begin to drain Constitution unless a saving throw vs wands is made. 
  6. Automatic Brain - The robotic brain of an ancient mechaniciod, this complex A.I. unit allows one to figure out any device they come across because of the complex sensor system. The unit can figure out 1d10 artifacts. Worth 600 gold pieces
  7. Access Crystal that can by pass any door or security lock with a successful wisdom roll. Worth 300 gold pieces 
  8. Eye of the Robot - This robotic eye allows one to peek into nearby other dimensional realms. With a successful wisdom roll the owner allows one to gaze into 1d10 nearby planar realms. 
  9. Memory metal - This metal item can take the shape & copy any key that is within 10 feet of. There is a 20 % of this metal doing 1d4 points of damage as it leeches the iron from the blood of its victim. 
  10. Fingers of The Maker - This finger is a mechanical & a complex device that can do 1d10 mathematics equations per day. The device must be implanted on the hand of its owner to function after doing 3 points of damage from the implanting. 
  11. Plasmoid Toy - This ancient device is able to take on the shapes and likeness of anything brought within twenty feet of this artifact. The device has an incredible ability to mimic the natural minor powers and abilities of others in the form 1d10 cantrip like powers per day. These devices are sometimes damaged and must take 1d6 pints of blood per day to function properly. They are worth 200 gold pieces to the right collectors. 
  12. Rings of power - These green and gold metallic rings have the ability to absorb 2 temporary points from the stats of the owner. They can do 1d8 points of damage in the form a magical energy field to those within 10 feet. The rings have 1d6 charges after which they will have points absorbed. The owner is vulnerable to mutations and chaos energies that they come across.
  13.  Wand of Ancient Power - This sliver of hellish power has been drawn from a micro planar window, the power of Hell flows through it and once per day the owner is able to summon a minor demonic monster whose at the beckoned call of the owner of the wand. The owner is marked by the wand to have their souls absorbed after 1d20 months of use. Certain black magicians value the wands for their dark masters. Worth 700 gold pieces to the right collector
  14. Key to the Pit, this ancient and rusted key is able to by pass any door it comes in contact with. The owner must make a dexterity check as the key changes in the owner's hand like a living thing of corruption.There is a 60 % chance of the key jumping out of the owner's hand and trying to crawl away. Worth about 600 gold pieces to certain very dangerous thieves organizations. 
  15. Star Crystal These crystals are attuned to alien stars and allow the owner to track the stars of the damned and Chaotic. The owner will know the right time for black magick ceremonies and rites to be performed. There is a 20% chance that a demon or other dimensional hell beast will notice the owner. 
  16. Matrix of storage this box will hold 1d20 minor items or treasures in other dimensional space in side astral spaces. There is 10% chance of the matrix opening a ten foot or ten foot other dimensional door. Worth 200 gold pieces
  17. Planar Knife able to cut through flesh and graft other flesh to it. These tools are used by black wizards to make other worldly grafts on victims and are often used to cut flesh for demons that are summoned to feed on on the souls of victims. Worth 600 gold pieces to the right collector 
  18. Bottle Of Liquid Chaos the essence of left over essence of creation this item will cause 1d20 mutations in those exposed to the soul stuff of chaos. Worth 200 gold pieces 
  19. Wand of Changing Seasons - This wand is able to cause the weather to change on a rite or ritual of Chaos. The wand has deep connections with raw magical power and is able to cause 1d20 minor weather related changes. But when the new moon comes there is a 20% chance of the owner gaining a minor chaos related mutations. Worth 300 gold pieces to certain cults of chaos
  20. Knives of the Red Rites - These knives are used to murder victims and send their souls to the demon gods of chaos. These rites have a 40% percent chance of calling a demon or other planar horror to the victim.These knives come in sets of six or eight the sacred numbers of chaos. These items are worth 600 gold pieces.

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