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New OSR Monster - The Etulkotuatu Demon Mercenary Generals of Hell For Your Old School Campaigns

Hell is everywhere and has its spies, agents, and workers moving among  mortals across the many scattered plans. There are free agents of Hell who were once  great warriors, generals, tyrants, and the like but have since been twisted into demons of the first order. These beings are the great heroes and mercenaries of the wars of attrition in Hell. They live an existence of war and have been twisted by countless battles until their minds except that  life is without objective meaning, purpose, or any value. These beings emphasizes speed, technology, youth, and violence, and objects of wealth to snare souls in their webs of warfare & battle.

They are often summoned to the Material Plane for the express purpose of leading, creating,composing, and recruiting armies for tyrants and mad men by black magicians. They are pitched faced demons with severe faces twisted by the horrors of war and Hell dressed in the death shrouds of innocent soldiers. Though the Etulkotuatu seem reedy and thin, they're bodies hide a tough as iron set of muscles capable of tearing through bone, flesh, and even light metals with easy. They're bodies are racked with pock marked skin and rangy slightly decaying flesh rimed with brimstone. The Etulkotuatu are often created from the damned  souls of soldiers and generals who died in the Atomic fires from alternative Earth timelines. They often roam the Astral or the Ethereal. They are easily summoned and enjoy raising armies to wreck havoc on neighboring countries for the sheer fun of it.

Frequency: Uncommon 
No Appearing: 1 or more rarely 1-4 
Armor Class:-3 
Move: 20"
Hit Dice: 10 +30 points 
% in Lair: Nil 
Treasure Type:X 
No of Attacks: 2 or 1 weapon
Damage: 7-12 /7-12 or by weapon +6 
Special Attacks: See Below 
Special Defenses: See Below 
Magic Resistance: 75% 
See Below
Saving Throw:12
Intelligence: Very High 
Alignment: Chaotic 
Size: 8' tall
Psionic Probability: Nil 
Experience Level: VII /2700 +14 per hit point 

These creatures bodies are actually warped frames of muscle and rock hard tissue honed by an eternity of constant warfare. They have 1800 strength they use to great advantage with their wicked sickle like talons; they strike for 7 -12 hit points of damage. They often have a personal magical weapon or piece of relic technology that they use in battle. They often use a magical shield as well. They gain a +3 to hit bonus when so armed.
The Etulkotuatu have all of the usual demonic immunities and can use the following powers: dimension door three times per day, become ethereal once per day, magic jar once per day, pass wall four times per day, repulsion once per day, wind walk once per day, word of recall once per day.
At will one of the following powers can be used by the Etulkotuatu during a melee round: comprehend languages, detect invisibility, detect magic, ESP, invisibility, levitate, polymorph self, and read technology or magic.
The Etulkotuatu also has an innate ability to read, know, and use any technologies it comes across. In fact one of the reasons why an Etulkotuatu is summoned to the material plane is often to help identify some piece of relic or forgotten technologies. It has a special knack for weapons of violence and warfare, these abilities can be used four times a day.

Once per month under the light of the stars of the damned when the constellations of stars are right the Etulkotuatu may raise an army of 1d100 zombie like warriors under their control. These beings are filled with a demonic essence of the Etulkotuatu's corruption and act upon even destruction of themselves to carry out the will of their demonic masters. They are in almost all respects the same as Ju Ju zombies.

 Call The Etulkotuatu

Conjuration- Summoning
Level: 7 wizard or 8nd level cleric  

Casting time: Three hour rite 
Save: none
Duration: 1d20 months
Spell Resistance: No    Range: See Text

To summon The Etulkotuatu, a rite of blackest magick must be cast in an abandon fortress or military base. There must be no more or less then fifteen acolytes of darkness and the head wizard or black cleric. The rite is cast on the hidden month of the soldier's damnation a time when soldiers without hope or fear are returning home after losing a battle with murder on their minds. Items of battle, loss, and murder must be gathered from burned villages or homes. These items are arranged in a very special sign or sigil sacred to the the Etulkotuatu and their orders. An offering of no less then two hundred thousand gold pieces in pillaging or artwork must be brought as an offering. These items must be burnt up at the height of the rite and earth shall split as a hell mouth appears along with the  Etulkotuatu called from the depths of Hell or the Underworld.
The hell mouth will open in a fifty foot radius and the acolytes must spread a ring of sacred oils, salts, and soldier's blood lest the hell mouth open further or release a demonic army with the Etulkotuatu leading it to obliterate all within a mile of the rite before the powers of Hell and Heaven call back the mocking damned and their mercenary generals. Once the Etulkotuatu is called the wizard or black cleric has 1d10 rounds to state his case for calling the Etulkotuatu to the mortal plane or be dragged back into the depths of Hell itself never to be heard from again. They are almost always summoned to give advice on battles, lead the armies of a tyrant nation, or to help divine weapons and artifacts of war. These are beings not to be trifled with.
They must be payed with the blood and souls of the innocent in times of war.

These are demonic mercenary  generals who can be used for high level mercenary domain level campaigns of sword, super science and sorcery in old school or retroclone games.

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