Friday, June 17, 2016

Free Science Fantasy Resource - The Warbots By Larry S Todd For Your Old School Campaigns

I ran across a very interesting future history article about power suits and armors from Galaxy Science Fiction (October, 1968). Todd created a story called “The Warbots: The History of Armored War from 1975 to 17,500 A.D” which is pretty damn nifty with some incredibly cool retro future designs.
I originally found these on the Two Warps To Neptune blog

Todd’s designs are close to some of the later designs that we would see for other styles of power armor notably the Robert Heinlein book Star Ship Troopers and even some of the early Space Marines rpg stuff. Many of the mecha featured in the  article were some really nicely done pieces of artwork. Todd would later up date his concepts and time lines in the form of  the anthology Body Armor/2000 Mass Market Paperback – March 15, 1990

The material is weird, honest, and reads like some of his later efforts in science fiction and fantasies. There's a weird Fallout meets the Sixties vibe in a dark alley about it.


Even though the material here is perfectly retro future there is a strange looking backward vibe here and looking at these power armors we get a sense of the weight of dangerous circumstances and history. This makes these suits perfect for a game such as Mutant Future, or even my pulpy Warlords of the Outer Worlds game. There are lots of little slices of future history scatted throughout this article that could be used as adventure hooks and fodder for old school games.
There are also some really nice sci fi stories and more inside this issue of Galaxy. On the whole this is a perfect little find that is extremely useful for the DM wanting to add some weird retro future mecha to their games.

There is a ton of potential for creating a whole range of material centered around these power armors and the core of residential historical events they seem to jive with the power armor's time line. So all in all this is such a great issue of the venerable retro clone resource crowd. My advice is to grab this one for down load for your old school retroclone sci fi campaigns.

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