Friday, February 28, 2020

The Egg of the Coot & The Demon Worm - Cha'alt/Godbound Campaign Commentary Session Report Part Ten

The Witch Coven of Garlghast & the Egregore set by Privateer Press (34035), make excellent substitutes for the witches of Egg of Coot. 

 Cha'alt/Godbound  campaign had a high rate of ultra violence! 
In tonight's game the party encountered a Cha'alt demon worm along with purple demon  cleric summoner  & its  the sky ship guardians. The demon worm turned on the handlers as its cleric was teleported away! The party was on its way back to the dragon's city state & had to deal with a scout party controlling a minor Cha'alt demon worm or was it the other way around.  The demon worm is going to be seeking revenge on the party of adventures 

Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix found out that his guards were way laded by a group of Egg of Coot witches & an egg aviator. The group took their time dealing with the witches & had a bit of a rough time with the avatar.

Voltan the Deathless had a bit of a confrontation with the party but they beat feet away from him! He's porting in  a part army of the Egg of Coot to lay siege to the dragon king's city state. Stepthen the Rock's spies are watching all of the action happening at the city state. There is no love lost between the Stephen The Rock & the Egg of Coot. 
The Egg is very petty that way & beyond capriciously chaotic evil itself.

The action is picking up next week as Cha'alt's power grows in intensity around the PC's. There is an alliance between one of the Demon worms of Cha'alt & Voltan the Deathless. A confrontation between the dragon, the party, & the Egg of Coot is coming up next week!

Gray Morrow - Robot Soldier Illustration  that I think is exactly the right style for my NPC Voltan the Deathless a Godbound rpg agent of Chaos. Art is used without permission but no copyright or trademark infridgement is meant. This blog post is for educational & entertainment purposes only. If you don't know who Gary Morrow is then read about this over looked master right here. 

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