Saturday, February 22, 2020

Going Full Cha'alt - Volton The Deathless Major NPC!

Resurrected from the billion year old junk yard of super science & demonic energies beneath the shifting purple sands of Cha'alt's Vega Corso. A lone demonic agent of chaos strides out for his mecha again. Call from beyond by the demon worm sultan of Cha'alt Nevar'us the Damned. Volton The Deathless has been called forth from the Abyss to defend the armies of  the Egg of Coot. The blind Elven occult technicians make the final adjustments to his war wheel mecha. And the agents lives.. again to tear the wastelands apart! 

Gray Morrow - Robot Soldier Illustration  that I think is exactly the right style for my NPC Voltan the Deathless a Godbound rpg agent of Chaos. Art is used without permission but no copyright or trademark infridgement is meant. This blog post is for educational & entertainment purposes only. If you don't know who Gary Morrow is then read about this over looked master right here. 

So this morning things have been very interesting. The concept of an anti paladin A.I. mechanism came to me while rewatching Hawk The Slayer film last night. This Voltan is a cloned  organic brain in a cybernetic body mechanism. This Voltan has been service to the forces of Chaos for thousands of years. This is another job in a very long line of jobs from the time that the brain has been cloned & recloned time after time. The mecha pilot cybernetic organism has been asleep beneath the sands for thousands of years. Well, there's no rest for the wicked & the blind Elven occult technicians have been working for two weeks straight without rest on his war wheel! And now the mechanism has taken off across the wasteland!

Voltan speaks exactly like Jack Palance's character in Hawk The Slayer & feels imaginary pain from his optics. He's so over the top & is gonna be great fun to play chewing up the scenery while going on full on bouts of chaos,mayhem, as well as rounds of destruction!
And he's on a mission of revenge for the players closing the planar gateway in last night's game. What other horrors lurk below the shifting sands of Cha'alt's Vega Corso wasteland junk yard?

Straight outta of the shifting sands of Cha'alt baby!

Voltan The Undying was created from the ground up using Cha'alt/Godbound rpg systems & then bringing home the tone of the cybernetic bastard in all his glory! The fact is that he's actually a triple agent working for the demon worm sultan of Cha'alt Nevar'us the Damned whist in the employ of the Egg of Coot. But his loyalties might lay elsewhere in actuality!  

He may in his full on bouts of insanity descide that one of the PC's is his long deceased brother Hawk & go on a blood fueled bout of ultra-violence soaked round of revenge for imaginary crimes! He's tear assing across Cha'alt wastelands now for the nearest Chaos warp for the wastelands & the PC's! 

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