Friday, February 21, 2020

The Drawing Battle Lines With Gary Gygax's Greyhawk & Blackmoor - Cha'alt/Godbound Campaign Commentary Session Report Part Eight

Tonight's  Cha'alt/Godbound campaign game was a very interesting dichotomy of old school & OSR elements with the PC's thrown into the deep end of my campaign. They dealt with the town of Low Star Arizona & came across the forces of Murlynd. His forces were rolling in from Greyhawk attracted by the armies of chaos in the form of the Egg of Coot.  The party of Godbound adventurers were drawn to the town by the opening of a planar gateway. 

What the PC's embroiled themselves in the affairs of a town of Greyhawk transplants which is actually the front for the forces of 
Heironeous making a beach head into Earth's reality. But what really happened is the party found a planar wizard. The planar wizard was based on  Patricia Quinn as Sorceress from  the film Hawk The Slayer. In the cellar of the local tavern there was a night road gateway. A fire wizard & his body guard routine of  the 'Order of the Lords of Mystery'  Abbott & monks were pinned on the other side. Our fire wizard made it through but the player's PC's were small fish in the affairs of the town. 

This Greyhawk is a whole different affair a world of Sword & Sorcery mixed with science fantasy elements. The order is observing the accounts of the Cha'alt wave & the effects of the armies of Chaos. 

The forces of Law representing Greyhawk have been gathering but Cha'alt's Chaos was there to interference in the form of a gang of  Cha'alt death stalkers who had been upgraded by the Egg of Coot. The adventurers hit the death stalkers hard. But what the party didn't understand is that the Egg knows about em.

The PC's are completely unaware of the fact that one of the demon worms of Cha'alt is observing all of the goings on. It has its own agenda & its sending in a team to take down our player's PC's!
The party has a supply of techo magical weapons that are being sent back to the dragon king's city state.

There's a certain magic ring from Cha'alt that has all of the player's in tonight's game. The deserts of Cha'alt teem with mutated bulettes the purple sands have been stained with the blood of the great Old Ones. The bulettes   respond to the wishes of the demon worms.

The bulettes will be sicked on the players when their PC's cross the wasteland to get back to the dragon king's city. Things are not as they appear however. There's a lot going in this campaign.

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