Wednesday, February 19, 2020

OSR Legacies of the Elves - Elven Stains of Evil & Supernatural Corruption In OSR Campaigns

I've been off of social media now for a day or so because of work. Lots of clients & repair work has kept me off of Twitter & Facebook respectively. The latest controversy with Bob Bledsaw II has left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth. I said my peace, everyone is welcome at my table with a character sheet & some dice ready to go.
Instead I've been concentrating on my own Godbound/Cha'alt campaign & trust me when I say I've been making good use of my time. I've been conducting my own campaign thought exercises. How would the appearance of the Cha'alt wave affect California? And while I kinda agree that Cha'alt is the Nicholas Cage of megadungeons. I don't think its entirely accurate. I think that Cha'alt is far more closer to 2017's the Void film. And this brings up the point of this blog post today. If the appearance of the twin suns of Cha'alt happened tomorrow. Then would the chaos that ensues bring the world to its knees or worse?

I think worse especially if you had the appearance of Dwimmermount in South America. I've talked about how the Huldra peoples are still using the old Elven gods planar pathways & their fabled world cities within  the Ethereal & the Astral planes.

But what's actually happening in the back alleys of  Burbank California  or Phoenix Arizona? How is the appearance of Cha'alt's Sun elves & other alien races going to affect day to day life?! These new peoples are gonna bring with them their own weird cults,rites, magicks, & what not. So I dug out my copy of Dark Albion's Cult's of Chaos & delved in. Now imagine if you flipped some of the Cults of Chaos material on its ear..

Now too bad there isn't a gaming system that was cross compatible with Godbound & could handle the gonzo horror rpg aspect of  Cha'alt. And it would have to work as an OSR game to boot?! Oh wait I've got a copy of Sine Nomine Publishing's Silent Legions rpg! 
There are tons of occult & supernatural treasures or artifacts floating around California. The state has become a hot bed of occult smuggling & activity because of the Cha'alt rift. The problem is that the demons & occult horrors that are coming through into the local space time continuum.

The occult artifacts & horrors described in  the Lion & Dragon rpg &  in the Dark Albion setting material are perfectly suited to run a low level horror  OSR campaign. Further the 

RPGPundit Presents: The Old School Companion 1 book has even more weirdness that could appear around Muntburg, a fortified town nestled in the shadows of Dwimmermount. These artifacts could have been smuggled into California's ports & causing all kinds of trouble. The Cha'alt wave has activated many occult & supernatural horrors that have laid long dormant.

This means that the elves of Cha'alt could be calling to a far distance alien empire that was programmed into their DNA eons ago. The beach head into our reality is far more likely for an empire that many feels has turned to dust ages ago. The reality is quite different. 

This Elven corruption & terror is born out even further with Adventurer, Conqueror,King's AX2: Secrets of the Nethercity.  We find a whole cloth system & history of Elven horror that has weaved its way throughout the history of the venerable kilodungeon. 

 So this isn't the only form of OSR strangeness that's happening. In many back alleys in California there are cults that have been operating based on the gods & divinities of Cha'alt. Many adventurers & mercenaries are only now getting to know the horrors that have been unleashed on world with the Cha'alt wave. We will get into these coming up! 

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