Sunday, February 16, 2020

Blackmoor, Dungeons, & The Terror of the Gas Station - -Cha'alt/Godbound Campaign Commentary Session Report Part Six

While this is a mock up cover for an imaginary Dungeons & Dragons module by Havard.
The bio mechanical artwork of H.G. Giger is exactly how I picture the egg operating.  

The Arizona leg of my campaign last night was getting the PC's settled into their new digs inside the dragon king's city state. Then the ball started moving with them assisting the Hyperborean mercenaries with some of the Egg of Coots forces. Throughout this I've been leaning really heavily on both  the  Cha'alt rule book & the Godbound rpg rule books. Last night's game was no different with spice frackers from Cha'alt playing a major part in the game. The frackers had seen an Egg's scouting party messing around with some dungeon ruins ten miles away from the city state.  Diving into Cha'alt I divined that my version of the spice frackers were waiting for the Cha'alt wave to crack into the dimensional energies of the local space time.

This creates a planar explosion attracting one of the demonic worms of Cha'alt. The frackers use a combination of ecological & engineering power armor with laser rifles to collect the raw Azoth & Zoth. These products  are created when the worm feeds on interaction of the reality energies. This is later on collected into spice, energy, & other products. The worm is subdued & harvested or allowed to roam again. The work is very profitable but dangerous. The Egg of Croot's forces  are  likely to be murdering a worm & simply stripping the corpse for all its worth for its army.

The spice frackers are working for the dragon king & have no interest in the ruins. The Egg however has groups of mercenaries & adventurers working for it looking for ruins, dungeons, etc. That have been activated by the appearance of the Cha'alt wave. Mecha belonging to mercenaries were already inside the planar dungeon that the ruin were a part of. Stone to mud sank the mech into the mud! It thrashed & I as the DM failed the rule with a one. The thing sank completely into the mud at was quickly turned back into stone!
That's when the adventurers ran across the floating doors! A giant set of floating doors in a door jam floating five feet above central spiral of ruined stone blocks. The dungeon guardian NPC engaged the player's PC in a game of cat & mouse about their intentions. Meanwhile a scout party  of beast men belonging to the Egg watched intently on the spice fracker's operation  waiting for their opportunity!

The party of adventurers wasn't having any of it! An A.I. drone belonging to the dungeon guardian approached the party & scanned them. The party's portal wizard sealed the doors! They sealed in the NPC rival party! Then they bashed the A.I. drone with a magic staff & collected its remains for parts! They went on to tackle the beast men & that took a bit of time! The beast men forces came straight outta of AX2 Secrets of the Nethercity for the forces of the Egg. I modified them using a combination of the  Cha'alt rule book & the Godbound rpg rule books.

It took the players awhile to deal with the beast men. They burnt the bodies & left no trace of the small force of chaos. It was on the way back that they ran into something unexpected. A fully operational gas station in the middle of the desert wasteland! With cars, pumps, & everything the size of a big box store! The whole place looked like it didn't belong at all! And there were people milling around in the place! It was a combination a big box store & a location from a 50's sci fi movie?!  The second the first party member crossed the threshold was the second the front door locked! The 'customers' were all wearing shock collars ala a dog's invisible fence. But these were much more powerful & the victims pleaded for the adventurer to help them.

My version of this filling station was based on 
The Skovshoved Filling Station, in operation since 1935, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The A.I. of the place had tons of androids waiting for the party & two twenty five foot tall maintenance & engineering droids just waiting to do battle with any mecha. After about ten androids made their way out on to floor of the gas station to inform our adventurer that they had his room waiting for him permanently. And a brand new shock collar. Things disintegrated completely! The adventurer in question is the party's portal wizard & he's got quite the temper. He proceeded to portal way over half the station & free all of the 'customers'. Meanwhile the mech belonging to the party was about to engage the engineering droids but they went dead as soon as the controlling A.I. disappeared! 
Originally this encounter was done as a part of an old Mutant Future campaign I ran several years ago. I needed to keep the game going & so just threw it in to see if the players would go for it & they did! 

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