Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Kamaitachi Affair - The Thulean - Japanese War - Actual Play Session Report II

"Kamaitachi" (窮奇) from the "Gazu Hyakki Yagyō by Toriyama Sekien

So in last night's Victorious/ Amazing Adventures! Rpg  game lots of things happened. Let's start with the appearance last night of the Japanese heroes Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) in the bay of Ricca. These heroes are 8th level Radiants from the Victorious rpg  with a shared telepathic hive mind & weather generation powers. They are very dangerous & are considered a highly potent military level asset.
The Japanese have named them after the mythological gods; "
Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) is a Japanese yōkai often told about in the Kōshin'etsu region, and can also refer to the strange events that this creature causes.

They appear riding on dust devils, and they cut people using the nails on both their hands that are like sickles. One would receive a sharp, painless wound.
They are seen to be the same as the Qiongqi (窮奇) of China, and kamaitachi are also sometimes written as 窮奇."
Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) has been moved into place to counter the  Euro- Russian Empire's fleet in the area. So far they haven't engaged the fleet but several Korean heroes & their forces have moved in to join the Chinese capes in the area. Things are very tense to say the least. 

"Kamaitachi" (鎌鼬) from the Kyōka Hyaku Monogatari by Masasumi Ryūkansaijin

Large amounts of   Euro- Russian Empire anti Japanese propaganda began to appear in the Manchurian region. Occult signs & symbols have began to appear in the skies that indicate that  Russian undead Tsar kings  's necrotic & occult military assets are moving  into place.  There are rumors that their also moving these assets through the pirate port of  Ricca. Meanwhile as the PC's found out last night several Thulean black wizard advisers & occultists have been summoning monstrous demon spawn & huge mutant monsters into the waters around Ricca. This is being used as  as a means of 'protecting the island nation' from the Russians & the Japanese.

This is a Thulean ploy to draw the small island nation into the coming conflict. So far this strategy hasn't worked but several Russian air ships have crashed recently & the Russian undead lich kings are very concerned. What they don't know is that the Chinese force have recently begun moving moving one of their ancient dragons into the area as a military adviser of their own. Korea at the moment appears to be holding its breath for the public but several of their own capes & adventurers are on the move.

A Chinese dragon; a medallion above it shows the White Hare of the Moon, at the foot of a cassia tree, making elixir of immortality

Right now the PC's are trying to learn the full extent of the Thulean involvement & navigating the politics of the pirate nation of Ricca as things are heating up. Several illicit cargoes of supplies & weapons have already been intercepted. The depths of the Thulean involvement are not known at this time. But their  definitely stirring the pot with so many deadly national military assets in play in the world of 2100 & what does all of this have to do with the alternative worlds & time travel exploits that have recently cropped up in the PC's path?

 Guardians of Lemuria. from Antediluvian miniatures
 have been my go too 
 Thulean  army for our game. 

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