Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Thulean - Japanese War & The Riccian Crossfire - Actual Play Session Report

The P.C. have free some slaves from Ricca  there's some massive events going on in Manchuria as the world of 2100 explodes as Japanese forces defend themselves against the rise of the  Thulean megapolis forces! Air ships & other military forces are moving in! 

One of the death lords of  the Euro- Russian Empire have military designs &  ambitions in Manchuria and Korea! The PC's have been fighting with formorian mercenary &   Thulean megapolis forces for quite sometime in & out of several dungeons & ruins over the past couple of months.

Warlord and Guardians of Lemuria. from Antediluvian miniatures
 have been my go too 
 Thulean  army for our game. 

Now military air ships & assets have been moved into position & the Japanese are moving their own forces into place. The PC's could potentially be caught in the cross fire if their not careful on the pirate isle nation of Recca whose own lich god & supers have been protecting the island nation from being caught in the middle of everything! 

Occultists & sorcerers have warned the PC's about the growing threat from this coming war. The waters in the area team with all kinds of monsters perhaps summoned by the black wizards of the Thulean Empire! 

So coming up the PC's are going to have to deal with the coming consequences of playing the outlaws in a sea of boiling trouble. The adventurers may continue to play pirate but as their world grows smaller can they hold on to their own little corner of the world? Will they continue to survive in a world gone mad?! Or will they cower in the face of mounting war? Tune in next week as the pace picks up & unexpected guests show up!
Meanwhile now is a great time to get in on the Amazing Adventures! rpg with Troll Lord Games having a massive sale! 

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