Monday, May 20, 2019

The Ruins of Unity - An Adventure Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The ruins of Unity city are a testament to the incredibly subtle protection the ancients had in place that failed. A wide variety of faux Egyptian obelisks scattered throughout California in the pattern of Orion's belt. These  stood as occult barriers to the other dimensional forces & supernatural horrors that lurked just outside of the local space time in the lower strata of the viberational spaces. But a series of violent protests & horrid riots up rooted these landmarks of history. Unity was doomed as Orion's protection was taken away in a flash! Within two days one of the largest cities of the Ancients was no more. Demons & worse ruled the streets as the Ancients fell! 

Today the ruins of Unity remain some of the richest but most dangerous of the California wastelands. But the destruction of the obelisks has prompted the event known as the 'Big Stop' a result of the sub quantum realm being let into the local space time continuum. Time & decay as we know it are broken resulting in some very dangerous conditions that persist to this day. PC's spending time within the ruins of Unity will find some very rich relics but they may also find themselves infected with 'time rot' unless a save vs disease is made. 'Time rot' will do 1d4 points of damage to those affected by it & the condition will affect not only body but mind as well. The victim will lost 1 point of Wisdom as the disease eats bits & pieces of their memories & reality. Time in some places stands still & incredible working treasures of the Ancient Ones are there for the taking.
Things like Mist Spiders  & chew wasps stalk the alleyways but giants such as the California Special (giant alien amoeba like Acid Jellys  of quadruple  hit points & incredibly large creatures) make Unity some of the most dangerous ground in the wastes. The California Specials float above the landscape picking off the occasional mutant or scavenger. Scattered around are hundreds of obelisks broken & pitted covered in curses of the Ancients. Many of these are guarded by 1d4 Wrapped who often seem to be maintained by a cult of weird mutant handlers. These cults will not move from their charges & seem to worship them. There will be 1d6 mutant cultists who will hunt PC's for sacrifice to their wrapped masters. They will strike in the darkness of night if possible & carry off any NPC's or adventurers that they can. These are sacrificed to their masters in order to curry favor with their overlords. 
But there is hope if a party of adventurers can find one of the numerous former parks & facilities where many of the obelisks were put into place & still stand. 

Those obelisks that remain if activated by a command word can in fact offer a sphere of protection ala protection from Chaos spell for 1d6 hours. This may however attract some of the other predators of Unity such as the dreaded mutated Wyverns that stalk the higher California hills. 

1d10 Encounters in the ruins of Unity 

  1. A group of 1d8  feral zombies out for a snack & to hunt. One of them carries a pristine gun of the ancients worth a cool 100 gold pieces. 
  2. 1d6 adventurers scouting the ruins with two dogs being very quiet & dangerous. Armed with automatic weapons & bad attitudes. 
  3. Swarm of giant mutant wasps out for the hunt during the day. 
  4. Party of 1d6 Desert Scavengers on their robot & android patrol armed with lasers & ion weapons to take out any tech they find. 
  5. City Killer mark one resting & looking part of the landscape but there are 1d8  drones all around it doing patrol & grooming. 
  6. 1d9 relic raiders who are on a quest. Their armed with conventional fire arms from another century. 
  7. 5 2nd level fighters from a Medieval world on a quest for the slaying of a wizard whose come to Unity. 
  8. Group of 1d8 mutant fighters on their way moving a pack of gargoyles to their new home in the ruins. 
  9. A very lost Ancient Astronaut who needs help & can provide information on any artifacts the party has. 
  10. Pack of  dinosaur mutants  out hunting in the ruins 

The party is contacted by the Mutant Underground to recover a mutant scientist nick named Doctor Spark who happens to be a member of the Electros mutant race. He went into Unity to study some of the other dimensional gate phenomena that he thinks is key to understanding some of the events in New York during the New Jersey incident. But that was three days ago. The Underground is offering a reward of 1000 gold pieces & an artifact for his return.
They can offer horses & supplies for the expedition into Unity but there is little information on what's been happening inside the ruins lately but there are rumors of the rise of a mutant warlord.

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