Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Sky Fleet Moves In ! - The Thulean - Japanese War - Actual Play Session Report III

If you've been keeping up with the events of 2100 things are really starting to come to a boil. The PCs are on the trail of the Thuleans but several key events have happened! 

Since I last hopped onto this blog a lot has happened in our VictoriousAmazing Adventures! Rpg  game! The Russians have begun to move their air fleet into position but don't know that British agents have been feeding advanced off plane technologies to the Japanese. Things are starting to heat up. The Thulean advisers & forces have been investigating certain areas around Manchuria. But what the Hell are they searching for? 

"The Angel of the Revolution: a tale of the coming Terror. ... With illustrations by F. T. Janes" Author: JONES, George Chetwynd Griffith - afterwards GRIFFITH (George Chetwynd)

Meanwhile aboard the Euro Russian Air Fleet their own super Queen Bee has been sealed within a bee's wax coffin like super science device. Twelve black wizard 
acolytes  watch over her for their arrival within Manchuria.But rumors are saying that the fleet's actual target is Ricca the pirate port! Munitions & raw military cargoes have been moving through the pirate port under the watchful eye of the lich god's own super forces but batteries of guns & other assets have been put into place. The whole area is a nice little powder keg with the PC's right in the middle!
Agents, double crosses, & the eyes of the world are watching with baited breath the events in Manchuria! 

As the Russian lich Tsar lich kings make their move  Thulean black wizard advisers & occultists slip through the cracks around Ricca & the Japanese quietly stirring the pot of the coming chaos! 
The adventurers are on the trail of the Thurians if they don't get caught up in the coming fight between the Russian & Japanese supers! What is the Queen Bees's secret  & how does this impact the party of adventurers!?!  Tune in as events continue to turn! 

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