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Beach Head - A Mutant Future Encounter or A Post Apocalyptic Old School Encounter For Any

The PC's learn of a haven for mutants,artificials, altered, humans, & peoples  of all stripes  in the deserts  of California. The Ancients state park of Brodie a former ghost town that has been transformed into a seeming heaven on Earth. But there are devils in this heaven & their evil is spreading.  The characters are called to investigate this seeming paradise on Earth.

Deep within the desert coastline   of California is the thriving town of Brodie California. A town of the Ancients now thriving after the disasters. The town itself is a self sufficient center of trade & commerce. What few know about this town is that it is a front for the powerful M.A.D.D.  super science group. The Mutants Aggressive Dual Destruction group are a powerful group of super scientists & mutants dedicated to preventing the Apocalypse from ever coming to pass. They came to the town drawn by song of an alien metal in the ground.  Brodie has a new commodity that  draws people into the desert. The town of 7,000 of now serves as a self sufficient point of trade for many of the local warlords. Its not uncommon to see several adventurers from other worlds among the population of Brodie.

 Califoricon is an alien mnemonic metal with the properties of a life form. It can be shaped & changed into any number of forms with the simple application of an electrical charge. The mines of Brodie have been reopened with this new commodity. But no one knows is that 
 Califoricon has plans of its own.  M.A.D.D. is run by the 12.5 a shadowy group of Hybrids who have shaped & forged Califoricon into a powerful alien reactor to power a time/plane gate system. They've been using their powerful Guardian shock troops to steal different relics & pieces of technology & magic to further their studies. Their powerful Californicon weapons have turned the tide time & again. Knives made from the metal add a +3 to their damage because of the bits left behind in wounds. There is a cache of Beastmen scientists known as 'the ring' who work for the inner band of the 12.5 through several cells around Brodie. One of the ring has begun to suspect that something isn't right with the alien metal that their mining from the ground. 
Guardians using weapons of the Ancients on one of their many fronts.

Brodie is home to several groups of Morlock refugees who are actually spies among the mutant population passing themselves off as tinkers, shop owners, etc. among the locals. Through their Eloi prostitute & brothel workers they've kept close tabs on the miners. Samples have been taken & analysed. Califoricon is alive & these gates are fitting its own alien agenda. M.A.D.D. has been lied to by its own artifacts & opening gates among the planes is allowing the alien elemental infection to spread. Donald Mackenize is a mutant beast man 6th level  mad scientist whose been suspecting that something is wrong. He may contact the PC's through the Mutant Rail Road's local scout named Randy whose a member of a local bone wielder tribe of warriors. He's acting as a go between for the Morlocks & Donald Mackenzie he can get the PC's information & possibly a sample of the Californicon.

1d10 Random Adventure Encounters In Brodie 

  1. 1d6 Lizardmen on their way from the mine to grab a bite to eat & look for some action. Their tribe is need for some expert adventurers to handle a local mutant roach problem. 
  2. A peddler with 1d6 minor artifacts of the ancients to sell. These are actually legit & not junk copies his doppelganger is selling across town. 
  3. Giant mutant grubs fall from the back of a wagon which it turns out are eating all of the grain from a local farmer's cargo! 
  4. 1d8 desert scavengers with some robots for sale are on their way into town & wish to talk with you rich adventurers. They have 1d10 droids for the market. 
  5. 1d8 flymen have invaded! Run you fool! 
  6. Have you heard the word of our lord & cactus? Take a flyer won't you? Actually the followers of a local information broker & mutant cactus ! 
  7. Android gunman & local mercenary looking for bounty whose escaped on him. 
  8. 1d6 mutant Gremlin children looking to start problems with any machinery they encounter. The sheriff wants to return them to their mother. 
  9. 1d6 goblin traders on their way to market with 1d6 minor relics & other desert treasures. 
  10. 1d8 mutant miners drunk & on their way to the local house of ill repute. 
There is a twenty percent chance of encountering a local night person mercenary named harry   working for the local sheriff whose noted that lately there has been seen a weird mutant menace that's been murdering folks. What it fact is in reality is a Californicon elemental that has come out of a local vein sticking out of the ground in Brodie. Use stats from the Labyrinth Lord Basic or Advanced book for an Earth Elemental.

Earth Elemental by LadyofHats

Mutant monsters are by Chris Van Deleen but all ideas are from my home Mutant Future campaign & copyrighted & trademarked to Dark Corner Productions. Monsters used with permission from the author & no trade mark nor copy right infringement is intended.. 

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