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A New Post Apocalyptic Faction - El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

There's a circus coming through the wastlands but this isn't just any circus this is the El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios. A circus of mutant menaces, performing oddities, freaks, madmen, & much more. For this circus holds a deadly secret or two. Com'n the performance under the big top is about to start & you don't want to be late.

El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios is a traveling freak show,circus, & side show that is actually the cover for one of the most dangerous super science groups in the wastelands & rad zones of the California islands. The El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios is a cover for the wizard Mano del diablo & parallel prime Earth military force. They travel the wastelands of many Earths in search of some of the most dangerous aberrations,mutations, madmen, & giant monsters they can find. These men & mutants are specialists in capturing, containing, & training dangerous mutant monsters of all stripes. They pass themselves off as circus performers & showmen of the highest caliber. The El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios is anything but. Professional Guardian tamers work closely with highly intelligent telepathic mutant lions who are used as spies & assassins.
Rangers & mutant trackers often employ paired with foo dog packs to hunt down dangerous giant mutant menaces. These packs see the capture of mutant animals & aberrations the lesser of two evils. Acts such as trained Gargantuan Gecko’s are the least offensive exploitable wild life weapons the circus specializes in. Two troupes of exotic Shuna Sassi mutant acrobats are actually the wizard owner's spies, assassins, & go betweens. These acrobats are often guarded by dangerous Snu,Snu fighters & barbarians of renowned as bodyguards. Other acts include sea druids specializing in using Levitating Sharks in a massive display of a controlled air show of epic proportions. 

The circus often trades wizards for valuable monsters from many fantasy worlds & has specialized teams that hunt for such creatures. Monsters & aberrations such as the bulette are often used to trade for more menacing creatures. 

Bulette from the AD&D first edition  Monster Manual

Aberrations such as ettercaps, chuul,owlbears, & many others are sold to other dimensional overlords to restock their dungeons. The coffers of the El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios grow fat so that they can finiance their real operations. The deep rad zone recovery of other giant mutant monster species such as Gorgo & other giants of the wastelands.
The El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios often hold their performances for wasteland kings & warlords gauging the strength, martial prowess, & resilience of the local rulers. Sometimes the cirrus will set free trained mutant monsters such as wasteland trolls, giant mutants, or even the occasional Minotaur.Then the circus forces will swoop in & save the day.
Capture teams will have a wizard of third or better level & teams of fighters plus mutant hunters. Equipment will be a mix of cutting edge ultra modern & primitive short bows & drugged arrows & darts. Night people trackers are often mixed into these teams to shore up the teams. These trackers are held in high regard by the rest of the teams. The
 the El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios is often found in New Albion putting on performances & dealing with the local council of warlords. The wastelands of California have come to resemble the legends of 1700's Europe as the Great Dump broke apart the once great state of the ancients.
Map of California as an island. Detail form "A Map of North America with the European Settlements & whatever else is remarkable in ye West Indies from the latest and best observations." 1745, by Richard William Seale (1703 - 1762), London. Copper-engraved, hand-colored in outline and partially in wash. Source: "The Cooper Collections" (uploader's private collection). Digital image by uploader, Centpacrr

1d10 Random Encounters In The El Circo De Los Monstruos y Memonios

  1. 1d6 random insect men acrobats tricking & having fun with the crowd but these guys are gauging any adventurers they come across.
  2. A female necromancer with 1d10 undead cats performing tricks & working the crowd while her hulking undead umber hulk bodyguard passes out flyers.
  3. A monster hunter selling treasure maps & small trinkets to the crowd he's looking for adventurers for a quest into the red sea of California.
  4. A half orc juggler performing with enchanted knives & special light enchanted blades that move in unexpected & unearthly directions
  5. Fishman with a bowl on his head selling potions & unguents.
  6. A sprite with twenty fairy bugs that he's performing with & selling to the kids. He's telling of a mutant dragon legend & seems to be working the crowd for some reason.
  7. Fairy light performer looking for a new comedy partner. He's actually a spy working the crowds.
  8. 1d20 blue goblin acrobats riding a mastodon playing tricks on the crowd as well as pick pocketing.
  9. A strange four armed alien selling posters & maps of unknown star systems with trinkets for the circus.
  10. A wizard performing incredibly realistic illusions of monsters & dragons whose telepathically searching for someone!

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