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The Gallery - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg Campaign

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 Over the past three years in the ruins of a small back wood Maryland community a facility has been set up and dozens of sightings of unusual lights have been seen in the sky around the place. Residents from several nearby communities are convinced that the place is haunted or worse.
The weird lights have been seen around during the day and especially at night. Several adventurers who have braved the place have not returned or been heard from again.
 The PC's are approached by a human named Bradley Coal, a trader and representative of a group of quasi religious brotherhood of super scientists who use ancient artifacts to measure dimensional anomalies and intrusions upon the local space time continuum. The Brothers of Zar are such an organization which is convinced that the facility is a front for intrusions into our universe from some place Outside. They think something has gone terribly wrong inside the place and their eager to find out what happened, collect any artifacts that will expand their influence, and perhaps  even seize the facility for themselves. They are offering one major artifact and 200 pieces of gold for solid proof of the rumored aliens and artifacts.
The facility is a seven story structure with at its heart a dimensional gate way to several alternative timelines and other worlds. The aliens known as the Greys have used near by mind controlled slaves to help fix the place up and install the high out put black solar paneling.
There were over twenty four grey super scientists who were exploring and bringing back biological and zoological specimens. One of the more unusual species they brought back was a rare beast from another world. The Ouroboros Obscura has managed to escape and kill every living thing within the place except for the swamp vines which have spread throughout the place. They will soon burst onto the unsuspecting world.
The monster is impatient beast at beast and a raving psychopathic killer at worst, the thing will track down and kill anyone it comes across and with seven levels the thing has the run of the place.
 There are seven levels to the place and the horror stalks the halls as well as  sheer destructive power of the monster.

10 Random Finds Within the Facility Table 
  1. The mangled bodies of three small grays. One has a heavy stunner and several pieces of a broken vibro weapons lay near the others. The stunner is in working condition. 
  2. A small golden ring with a jumble of glyphs upon it. The thing will project 40 point force field for one hour before burning out. 
  3. A small power cell to an unknown device. The cell has a full charge. Will power a type one laser pistol. 
  4. A single laser scalpel with the focus assembly partially out of alignment. Worth about 100 gold pieces 
  5. A stun grenade, with a thirty percent chance of the thing going off if touched or disturbed. 
  6. Three double bladed axes built for powerful humanoids. There is rather large blood splatter nearby. 
  7. A single light weight staff use unknown. Will collapse into a small pencil sized shape. 
  8. A highly detailed map showing three or four other facilities like this all within a three hour ride of this facility. 
  9. A life sized blank doll made out of some life like material. This doll is actually a data collecting device capable of holding twelve different separate programs. The thing will activate and try to make contact with the PCs by reaching out to them. 
A small statue of Cthulhu, artist unknown but the thing is heavy and actually has a star spawn of Cthulhu that watches over this statue.

Searching for anything upon the second floor will attract the attention of the monster. The thing will come to investigate the disturbance within what it considers it lair. The horror has a pile of over three hundred skeletons including several human remains. There is a twenty five percent chance that a minor artifact will be within this pile.

Ouroboros Obscura

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 240’ (80’)
AC: 0
HD: 12
Attacks: 1 bite
Damage: 3d6 or swallow whole
Save: L12
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Gigantism, insubstantial (modified)

Source: Outlanders  by Mark Ellis
 Due to a rupture leak in the space gate area several mutant species of Swamp Vine have taken root within this area. These mutant species has held many,many victims and there is a forty percent chance of finding a major artifact or two among the debris down here.
The colony of swamp vines are vicious, dangerous, and none of the other mutants mess with the planet creatures which number in the tens or twelves.
Swamp Vines 
No. Enc: 2d20
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: N/A
AC: 5
HD: 10-15
Attacks: 20-30
Damage: 1d6+2 plus poison (see description)
Save: L10-15
Morale: 4

Mutations: Gigantism, toxic weapon, unique senses
Hoard Class: Incidental

Source: Outlanders series by Mark Ellis.
Hoard Class: Incidental
 After 1d8 days the Greys will comeback with a fighting force of over three hundred 2nd level warriors to cover up the screw ups of these grey scientist/priest. 

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