Tuesday, May 7, 2019

'Outta Time & Outta The Deep End' A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Campaign

The Encounter  Set Up 

Someplace along the wasteland  beaches of former Manchuria the PC's see a sudden & very blinding flash in the sky. There will be weird by plays of optical illusions showing ancient images of troops & soldiers dressed in both archaic & future soldiers uniforms surrounding the PC's. This weird effect lasts for 2 or more rounds. What the players don't know is that they are in a bubble of non static space time. They are in a bubble that bridges many places & times at once the anomaly is unstable & very dangerous created by the effect of a wizard using a very powerful magical relic  to summon monsters to his world's space time. The 'plague doctor' has been conjuring up all kinds of monsters from the depths of the planes. The Plague Doctor is a 15th level wizard & has access to the many 'faceted gem of the desert  of time'.

The modern Chinese military is mounting an expedition & should arrive in Eighteen  hours. The party has at least an hour or so before the monsters begin to close in & there is a nearby deserted village further up the beach. There are much more lucrative looting opportunities there. All along the beach there is evidence of the horrors that the monsters have been taking on the residents of the area. 

1d10 Random Manchurian Beach Finds Table 
  1. Several random 1d10 pieces of gold jewelry worth a cool 100 gold pieces
  2. The cloths of some poor mutant kid with bits of dried blood on it. 
  3. 1d8 guns snapped & broken in two & three there is a 20% chance of ammo of various caliber all military grade. 
  4. Bloodied Chinese soldier's sword late 1860's worth 70 gold pieces covered in a slimy film. 
  5. Gas mask wet but still usable worth 20 gold pieces. 
  6. Large megaphone snapped in two places. 
  7. A large motion tracker still working which shows two approaching blips. 
  8. Armored gauntlet with a severed hand in it, the hand belongs to an undead & will attack the nearest PC. 
  9. Water logged  zombie in modern combat armor  with bits & pieces missing begins to drag itself towards the party. The thing has a combat knife & a radio worth about 80 gold pieces
  10. A strange jade pin with all kinds of archaic writing on it. The thing glows with occult power & is worth at least 150 gold pieces 
What the PC's don't realize is that their in an incredible amount of danger! All along the beach there are 1d12 Armored Aquanoids. These horror have been drawn into the time & space vortex by the mystic power of the gem over two weeks ago. Many of the residence of this area have already fallen victim to them! There are two abandoned villages in this area.
Source: Aquanoids (2003)
No. Enc: 1d12 
Alignment:  Chaotic 
Movement: 120’ (40’) 
                     180’ (60’) Swim 
AC: 0 
HD: 6 
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw) or head butt 
Damage: 2d4 / 1d6 / 1d6 or 3d3 
Save: L6 
Morale: 5 
Hoard Class: None

The seemingly undead skeletal horrors will rise from the oceans & close in on any lone party members & begin to attack the party. Any clerics trying to turn these horrors are in for a very nasty surprise. They are drawn to any wizards or occultists in the party as the enchantment that summoned them to this bubble of space time draws them to person's of occult power & raw supernatural energies.
Within thirty six hours the bubble of 'non static space time' will collapse unto itself & possibly strand any poor souls left behind within the confines of the weird local time space continuum gate effect. These time lost fools may profit in the brave & dangerous new world that they find themselves on.

Special thanks to Chris Van Deleen whose incredible write up of the 
Aquanoids (2003) film is going to cause my players undue harm in the near future. 

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