Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Drow Option - OSR Campaign Commentary On Castles & Crusades

Yesterday I wrote about the events in Manchuria as the world of 2100 explodes as Japanese forces defend themselves against the rise of the  Thulean megapolis war machine.  One of the options that I've been looking to employ are Drow mercenary forces in the world of 2100. The undead kings of Russia have been employing these assassins & commando forces for centuries. Castles & Crusades The Codex Slavorum has number of options to flesh out the mythology of these mad undead bastard king rulers.
For the Drow forces themselves I've decided to use a great 3.5 D&D book from Green Ronin called Advanced Race Codex: Drow. Its one of the Races of Renown books & works quite nicely with Castles & Crusades.  So what does Advanced Race Codex: Drow actually bring to the table? " A sourcebook focused entirely on the Drow, Plot & Poison contains Subraces for the Drow, over a dozen new Prestige classes, over 50 new poisons, more than 70 new feats, and a large and expansive section on Drow culture and society."
Its really the spells,the NPC potential, the expansive equipment, & armed forces potential that I'll be using here.

Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasures does a nice job of helping to smooth over translation into the Siege engine for my home campaign. The  advice on roleplaying monsters, handling combat with monsters, creating monsters makes this book a no brainer for translating over many of the 3.5 options into a workable set of playable guidelines.

I've seen Troll Lord Games sold as three.five D&D done right & while I do agree with that I think its a bit more then simply that. I think its OSR/tool box D&D done right. I have the same sense of depth here that over the years I've seen in games such as Palladium Fantasy & the Stormbringer rpg. I wish I had started down on this road many years ago. 

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