Saturday, June 1, 2019

Raid on the Ware House! Last Night's Actual Play Session Report

In last night's session I pulled in a ton of S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks by Gary Gygax when the player's PC's did a raid on an Egg of Coot slaving center. There were row after row of cryotubes packed back to back.  The players encountered egg minions in light scout armor based on some of the artwork from S3. The Egg kept taunting the party as it attacked the minions with the knowledge that they were killing off 'innocents'.

With some help from some local heroes the party finally made its way to the warehouse's office which had been 'converted' by the Egg into a data node. The whole floor was covered in a russet mold & at its center was a psychic crystal. The whole affair was guarded by a group of veggie pygmies who would not leave the twenty foot proximity of the crystal or the egg's influence.

All of this started because of the party of adventurers had fought and killed a strong minion of the Egg. They were able to down load the data base from the cyborg & then burnt the body. But they were able to claim a bounty on the bastard from the Riccians. Even though its a pirate nation the Riccians don't want any unauthorized slaving going on. Currently the party is completely unaware of St.Stephen of the Rock's manipulations behind the scenes  but its only a matter of time. They made about four hundred gold & I'm going to get them back to Zothique or the California wastelands very soon. The Riccians sent in a squad of guys with flame throwers to clean the place up.

The Riccian warehouse was part of an experimental  power complex that I based on the Kelenföld Power Station from Hungry. The place is amazing & so inspirational for old school science fantasy role playing. I'm thinking the Egg of Coot is attracted by the power fields generated from the place.

 Former Kelenföld Power Plant. From Lágymányos Bay park. Industrial monument. ID 1097 - Hengermalom Street & Budafoki Street cnr. - Budapest District XII., Hungary.
Photo by 

So what happens from here? One of the Riccians mad scientists is doing an examination of the slaves who were recovered in the cyro tubes & seeing if there is any cybernetics that have been left behind. The party has been invited to witness the event. 

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