Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Birthday OSR Haul & A New Free Blackmoor book - Fall of the Dwarves: A Free PDF Campaign Expansion to the CBI-2 The Rand Sourcebook By Havard Blackmoor

So my other half had a birthday OSR surprise for me done up by a local printer. Done in black & white, plastic covers, & a spiral binding in the booklets. These are for the table top & lay out from the pdfs have come out quite nicely. 'Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead' By James Mishler, Jodi Moran-Mishler has been on my 'must get' lists. Godbound Rpg By Kevin Crawford is another one on my radar & its companion 'The Lexicon of the Throne'.  The Kevin Crawford rpg  titles are centered around  a game of divine heroes in a broken world, men and women who have seized the tools that have slipped from an absent God's hands.Secrets of the Immortals By Steve Miller is D20 based title that  brings a new kind of hero to your OGL d20 System games... a hero who rises again and again from the ashes of the ultimate defeat, reborn and remade, and ready to adventure again into a new lifetime.

 Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu by Omer Joel, Alexander Macris 
 for The Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg  is another title that I've been wanting for awhile now. Yes I needed a new copy of this book after the great  salsa accident of 2018. 

Harvard Blackmoor has come out with the 
Fall of the Dwarves: A Free PDF Campaign Expansion to the CBI-2 The Rand Sourcebook. This book expands on Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Rand sourcebook also by Havard. This book expands upon Havard's ideas from that sourcebook & then kinda doubles up on them by expanding the Dwarven lore. "CBI-2 The Thonian Rand introduces the Duchy of Evedhur. The idea with Evedhur was to expand on the lore of Dwarves from the Blackmoor Campaign Setting. In Dave Arneson’s campaign, the dwarves were ruled by Oberstar Kazakhum , the Regent of the Mines. In CBI-2, I gave him a brother, Arkalist Kazakhum.

 My idea for the character Arkalist, was that this dwarf, like his brother, wanted a kingdom of his own and settled in a mountain chain in the Thonian Empire. Arkalist’s Duchy of Evedhur also allowed me to incorporate some of the material and characters from Clock & Steam, another Blackmoor sourcebook from Zeitgeist Games written for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition."

There are tons of call backs, Blackmoor weirdness, & some really nicely done connections between 'The Thonian Rand Fall of The Dwarves' book & the Rand sourcebook. This one is up to Havard's usual bench mark of OSR Blackmoor goodness

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