Monday, June 3, 2019

Quick Kickstarter OSR Update & Beyond Attention Getters

Kickstarter is filled with all kinds of projects possibly worth your attention but two that have caught my eye. The first is a solid DCC Cthulhu Mythos/Horror Western mash up called Dark Trails.

This book has been making waves across the DCC/OSR community & I don't see it going away anytime soon. 

"The largest challenge for my new life on the frontier was building shelter and pulling food from the ground I plowed before winter settled in.
That was before the shadows came to life that fateful night and claimed the lives of those I loved.  I’d heard a rumor of things born of darkness skulking around and the idiots hellbent on ushering more of them into the world, but like most folks eager to carve out a new life braving the western frontier, I chalked it up to tall-tales fueled by whiskey and superstition.
My last sight before being overwhelmed and feeling those needle-sharp teeth pierce my jugular, was watching my youngest take her last terrified breath, as something dragged that kindly woman (whose love kept me on the path of good intentions for so long) kicking and screaming into the shadows.  That was when the soft whisper of Death called to me, wrapping my soul in its dark embrace, preparing me for a different journey.
A distant light set against a starless night pulled at my weightless soul.  A lifetime of memories flashed before me as I sped towards the afterlife.  The power in those memories slowed my final journey.  Unfinished business pulled at my stubborn soul and proved stronger than the promise of that peaceful light.  I returned to my broken, bloody body and willed it back into a mockery of life.
Almost a year has passed now, and the bittersweet memories of my family fuel a never-ending thirst for vengeance.  I returned that night with the strength of the grave coursing through my rotting veins, no longer living, nor dead.  Since the night it took my family, I’ve picked up a posse of folks equally kissed by the supernatural and equally determined to take the fight to the sinister agents of the night.          
 -from the journal of Samuel Mundy"
 "The Dark Trails RPG is a game which pays homage to the popular weird West genre.  It can be used as a standalone game or as the perfect complement to a growing line of products that all utilize the rules found in the Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) RPG.   As a player, you’ll find a wealth of material that allows you to assume the role of one of 11 unique classes, with descriptive names like: the Calavera, the Bedlamite, and the Sin-Eater.   As a Judge, you’ll find over 400 pages of material giving you a wealth of resources for designing and running fantastic adventures set against the haunted landscapes of an unforgiving weird West. "
So this sounds really ace & we need a new Western horror game & this sounds like it has all of the parts & moving pieces of a classic in the making. You can support The Dark Trails Kickstarter here. 

So yeah, the pretty much had me at fully compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics & I can actually see using Dark Trails with 
Jason Sholtis Operation Unfathomable to create a Weird West horror come mega dungeon. 

The Second Kickstarter that I think is worth your time in my estimation is the Troll Lord's Amazing Adventures Fifth Edition Kickstarter by Jason Vey. Its made two of its stretch goals & seems to be a vast upgrade to the previous edition. 

I've been watching this project for some months now in the AA! Facebook group but have kept my  distance because of running the Amazing Adventure classic edition campaign that's on going. But I've had any number of people whispering good things in my ear about this project & kickstarter. Take a look for yourself & if your so inclined then by all means support it right over here. 
There's some great campaign  potential here with this Amazing Adventures newest edition. Let's see how far we see these kickstarters go! 

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