Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- Traveling In Style 'The Pan Am Space Plane Series'

There are times when you need to travel in style. When getting across the surface of a world isn't simply enough. The revival of the Pan Am series of space exploration and atmospheric space planes and shuttles hearken back to a much more civilized time in space travel. These designs are now still being used throughout the Outer colony worlds. These designs have inspired numerous designs throughout the years.

 The Pan AM Space Clipper Series 

Pan Am Space Clipper Orion Series
Cost: 220,000 
Hit Points: 16 
Crew: 1/20 (40 passengers)
Speed: 4 
Armor: 0 
AC; 8 
Powers: 3/2 
Mass: 5/0 
Fitting : Spike Drive -1, Atmosphere Configuration, Extended Life Support, 6 tons of cargo space
 Sand Thrower Battery +1 to Hit /2d4 Flak to discourage pirates 

This wonderful glorified shuttle craft is stilled used extensively by the gilded set and has found new life hauling passengers and cargo upon many worlds 
The design has been so successful that it has in fact been copied countless times sometimes being used for passenger services throughout known space and on colony worlds. 
The sercret to its success lies within the not only the adaptability of the design but the in the fact that it can be fitted with a number drives including ion and spike drives. 

These shuttles are continued to be in service to the Pan Am company which continues to use the HAL AI families of  computer brains to create and serve these gilded gliders of interstellar space. 
A Touch of Elegance In The Blackness of Space 
The true secret to the success of these incredible machines is actually the wonderfully trained crewmen and woman who serve aboard these craft. They are qualified astronauts in their own right and provide a wide variety of roles aboard ship. 
Many of those serve aboard these vessels later on become captains of their own vessels. And have been known to serve in the capacity of fighters, experts, and beyond. 
History of the  Orion series Of  Space Planes 

 During the 'Extinction Wars ' this series of shuttles served a multitude of roles from troop transport to interstellar MASH roles. They were seen in every single major front of the war and used in many major space ports. The Orion configuration is stored in many major world data banks and sold as a colonial standard. This series of ships has not only taken us to the stars but far beyond! 


  1. I remember building that kit in my youth, along with all the other Aurora sci-fi kits. Do you know anything about that picture of the shuttle on the crawler? Was the crawler scratchbuilt, or was a version of the shuttle once released with it included?

  2. That image came from here -
    I came across it in Google image search. I'd like to take a moment to thank Fine Scale Modeler. I own nothing except the writing. Everything is of course fan based.
    I owned the Aurora kits and they were fantastic. There is more 2001 inspired madness coming up.


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