Friday, June 21, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign- Blood And Stars Actual Play Part II

Quick Overview of Tonight's Hartford Betamax Stars Without Numbers Game
After recovering most of their party from various parts of the colony world of Londinuim. The PC's raced around various lockers, hangers, and locations to recover about ninety percent of the treasure and relics they had aquired twenty years ago!
A group of weird android warriors began to pursue the party through the narrow back streets of the colony world!
After hooking up back at their ship the party began to reequip as soon as possible and making preparations to leave the colony world asap.
Meanwhile out on a very remote backwater gas giant  moon  of the Mirror's Edge section of the Talon Sector a single FTL transmission began to beam itself as a computer aboard a single shuttle began the task of awakening the sleep pod aboard a single escape shuttle craft!
Deep  In The Jocus System 

One of the PC's finds himself coming out of hypersleep pods as his shuttle is caught within the ionosphere of a gas giant moon. His ship is surrounded by two Capital class star destroyers who are looking for the data cores belonging to the PC! 

The Jocus system was/is a remote system used for weapons testing during the 'Extinction wars' . The system consists of 8 worlds surrounded by gas giant moons which orbit so close together that they share atmospheres.

 Between the gravity and the wild weather it was very hair raising for the PC! Piloting rolls were needed to jump from moon to moon while sticking to the storms of the planets to avoid the war ships until help arrived in the form of the party! 

 The party's ship took three days to drill into the system and then began the task of playing hide and seek with the Capital class destroyers. They learned the hard way that there were still "Singularity mines" in orbit around some of the planets in the systems. Not to mention the rail gun satellites still floating in orbit around the ruins of some of the facilities that once graced some of the moons in the systems!

 Finally after four days of game time and some quick combat rolls the PC's hooked up! That's when a warning beacon went off and froze the party in its collective tracks. The Space Viking clan arrived! The Ice Walker clan entered the stage!
That's where we ended! 
Will the Superior Intellects prevail? 

1d10 Random Encounters In The  Jocus System 

  1. 1d4 Space going war droids looking for ships to loot for spare parts and victims! 
  2. 1d8 war sats carrying out practice runs for war situations that never occurred  They will fight among themselves and ignore PC's unless attacked. 
  3. An  A.I.controlled  capital class destroyer war ship that thinks its a good and wants to be worship and placated with offers as well as attention. 
  4. A group of undead zombies locked in an escape pod that tumbles through space. Should they be let out they are highly infectious and hungry. 
  5. A small atomic bomb controlled by a morbid A.I. that wants to be a star  and rather soon. 
  6. A swarm cloud of nanobot weapons that will dissemble a small vessel in moments. 1d4 points of damage each round exposed to the cloud. 
  7. A group of alien elements created from the weather on some of the gas giants. Max hit points. 
  8. A small probot looking to track down a group of determined rebels and programmers. The thing is armed with a small  laser blaster cannons each doing 1d4 points of damage with a thirty yard radius. 
  9. A spawn of Cthulhu has awakened up this moon and will be very,very, hungry! 
  10.  A small scale cult of Hastur is looking for sacrifices. These desperate and very dangerous people who are the equip with superior technological level four stuff. They are the equivalant of 4th level fighters!

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