Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- The UFO Television Show Aliens And UFO Raider Saucers

They came from the stars to reap the harvest of mankind. Who were they was unknown. The governments of the world formed covert cabals to deal with this deadly threat from the stars and now their back terrorizing the colonies of the Talon Sector! They're agenda is unknown but they leave swaths of destruction and empty corpses within their wake!
Beware the whirl of their ships for we are helpless against them! 

According To Wiki:
The extraterrestrial spacecraft can readily cross the vast distances between their planet and Earth at many times the speed of light, but are too small to carry more than one or two crew members. Their time on station is limited: UFOs can only survive for a couple of days in Earth's atmosphere before they heat up, deteriorate and finally explode. The alien craft can survive for far longer underwater; one episode, "Reflections in the Water," deals with the discovery of a secret undersea alien base, which shows one UFO flying straight out of an extinct volcano, which Straker describes as "a back door to the Atlantic". A special underwater version of the standard UFO design is seen in "Sub Smash". In flight they are surrounded by horizontally spinning vanes and emit a distinctive pulsing electronic whine that sounds like a Shoooe-Wheeeh

The craft is armed with a laser-type weapon, but conventional explosive warheads can destroy it. The personal arms of the aliens resemble shiny assault rifles; these have a lower rate of fire than that used by SHADO. Later episodes such as "The Cat With Ten Lives" show the aliens using other weapons, such as a small device, which seemingly paralyses victims. This is presumably for organ and body harvesting purposes, since pilot Jim Regan's wife Jean is taken for her organs in that episode.

UFO Raider
Hit Points: 15 

Crew: 1/6 
Speed : 4 
Armor: 2
Multifocal Laser(+1 to hit/ 1d4,AP 20) ,

 Electromagnetic Subspace Curtain (+1 to hit /3d4+1 Clumsy)
Defenses: none 

Fittings: Spike Drive 3, Atmospheric Configuration, Extended Life Support, Medical/Cryo facilities 

The Alien Harvester/ Warriors  

Number Appearing 1-2 

Armor Class: 4 
Hit Dice : 1 
Attack Bonus: +3 
Damage : 2d8 laser rifle,
 Remote Paralyzer damage as stunner  

Skill bonus : +1
Saving Throw: +15 

Movement : 30'
Morale : 9 

Aliens According To Wiki
The alien race is never given a proper name, either by themselves or by human beings; they are simply referred to as "the aliens". They are humanoid in appearance, and the autopsy of the first alien captured reveals that they are harvesting organs from the bodies of abducted humans. Their faces are stained green by the hue of a green oxygenated liquid, which is believed to cushion their lungs against the extreme acceleration of interstellar flight; this liquid is contained in their helmets. To protect their eyes the aliens wear opaque sclera contact lenses with small pinholes for vision


  1. i got impression that early on thought they were here to harvest us - later talk of too hard to get enough humans home to use - idea all aliens are just using meat bodies assembled here from humans - one episode has a alien possessed cat - my fave all time show and music i will never tire of

  2. I changed their agenda a bit to keep the players guessing. So I'm keeping them a bit more mysterious to keep things interesting. More coming up with Shado as well. Thanks for the comment and there's more coming soon. Its one of my favorite shows as well. Cheers.


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