Friday, June 28, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- Rumble On ReA 'Brura Actual Play or Hex Crawling Interstellar Style


The party is hex crawling through the system. This world HERE has their interest.
They're running low on options and ammo. They've really tried to conserve as much as they could. They witnessed 'Space Vikings' operations as the Ice Walkers and Mi Go forces dealt with each other around 
ReA 'Brura The Back Alley Battlefield moon. Things got a bit dicey when the PC's waited for the Ice Walkers to depart. 

 The Mi Go went about their business as well and the PC's decided that caution was the better part of valor.
  The PC's ran sensor scans of the area where the Mi Go and Ice Walkers had been. They discovered a Minor Pyramid of Lom. The thing's insane AI was offline and several minor functions were running the thing as its holo projectors began to hide it among the gas giant's clouds once again.
The party's hacker began the very careful task of trying to hack into its systems. After several heated dice throws he succeeded! 

Then the thing became active and a hazard. Systems came on line, the x ray laser cannon arrays came out and the spike drives became active.
Its primary mission of  harvesting psychic products for the greater glory of  Nyarlathotep lit up its artificial undead bio brain drive systems!
The beast had awakened and was about to head out into the void to the nearest human colony!
 The PC's became engaged in a running battle with the horror from beyond damned stars. That's when they dropped a mini nuke torpedo on the pyramid!
The resulting explosion crippled it and left it to fall back into the gas giant's gravity well. The Lovecraftian predators of the world became attracted to the radiation like sharks to a pool of blood.
 The PC's encountered a Yithian time probe which seemed to watch the battle with keen interested. They had never encountered the tech level 5 brass and golden artifacts of the Great Race. The party was dumb founded but in no shape to truly investigate further.

 File:HD209458b Osiris.jpg
 The battle left the PC's ship in need of refueling. They did however manage to copy the data core of the pyramid learning a bit of the secrets of this damned system.
 There were several secret refueling stations nearby left from after the "Extinction Wars". These automated stations are gathering organic compounds and turning them into usable fuels. They are active but hidden. Who knows what horrors still lurk on
these reserves of hidden power and peril.
 The current system they're 'exploring' is right over HERE

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