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Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- ReA 'Brura 'The Back Alley Battlefield' Moon


'There are places that mankind wasn't meant to go and this is one of them!'
Last words of Colonial William Prichard  of USS  Vengeance 
ReA 'Brura The Back Alley Battlefield moon is a silent and dead world where some of the deadliest fighting of the 'Extinction Wars'  took place. A minor gas giant world created from the last battle of ReA 'Brura. Here the fighting was so fierce that "Impelor Weapons' were used.  This weapons use mini singularity effects to blow holes within the local space time continuum.
At least twenty  million or more space marines and allied human forces were wiped out as several Outer Gods and their minions were also caught within the range of the weapons. The system was also complete rearranged as worlds were obliterated and a new one was born. This world isn't without its taint however. Jellies, molds, and mist created from a combination of the dead psychic residue of humanity and the Outer Gods themselves.
The world itself is now mostly forgotten except by adventurers who wish to try and sky mine the incredibly potent treasures of rich exotic organic soups and gases.
Thrillus Brain Parasites, Exotic Slimes, Jellies, and incredible alien mist life forms haunt the place. Ships traveling here risk the crushing gravity, floating life forms, and their star ship hulls being destroyed by organic acid or worse. ReA 'Brura  is a haunted world and it keeps its secrets from prying eyes. 

1d10 Random 
 ReA 'Brura Finds and Encounters 
  1. A wrecked star destroyer floating within the damned winds. There is a 25% chance of treasure aboard and 20% chance of encountering zombies or undead.
  2. A strange amalgamation of dead souls,slime, and bits of Outer God flying through the atmosphere. The 11 hit point thing will do 1d4 points of damage as its tendrils dissolve most things it hit hits. It has an Armor Class of 9 but reforms entire sections of itself within 2 rounds. 
  3. Whirling razor sharp bits of star ship and other unidentified metal that form into insane elemental things for a moment only to be  broken apart moments later.These things do 5 points of damage each time they form near PC's. Certain psychic keys and the like can break them however. 
  4. A deserted alien city flies on damned winds there is a 20% chance of encountering artifacts. This place is haunted by Dimensional Shamblers or worse drain by the howling of the damned souls. 
  5. 'An ancient temple of the Outer Gods shifts on the gas giant's winds. There is a 60% chance of tech level 4 artifacts and they are guarded by a spawn of Nyarlathotep. The place sends off a mad radio signal into the black void.
  6. Two minor children of the Outer Gods are trying to form from the remains of several tons of human and worse remains. The blind, idiot thing is trying to pull itself apart and birth itself. The process is an abortion however and it only succeeds in creating a hazard of the worst kind. Any psychics must make a save or be driven insane for 1d4 rounds. There are 1d6 Mi Go Warriors trying to assist in the birth process. The thing tumbles back into the hell spawned winds of this world. 
  7. An ancient veiled priest has exiled himself aboard his star ship and uses his gravity generators to resist this world's incredibly dangerous world. He will offer assistance to travelers he encounters however within 1d6 days his void clone will try and destroy anyone he encounters. The greed bastard has several tech five artifacts aboard. He's quite damned and doesn't understand why. He is also a cannibal of the worst stripe. 
  8. A 10 hit point probe of the Great Race of Yith searching for artifacts and victims to take back to the time travelers. A laser like weapon does 1d4 points of damage and is able to bypass most armor easily. These things have spread among the various worlds of this system. 
  9. A 10 hit point jelly and mold colony. It will do 1d6 points of damage per round and has an armor class of 8. The thing will eat anything it encounters. There is a 40% chance of its actions attracting 1d6 more of its brethren to the feast. 
  10. A Star Spawn of Cthulhu slowly feeds upon the remains of a capital ship locked outside normal space time. There are over twenty separate tech level five artifacts seen aboard the ship as it spins in the void. It is forever locked outside of normal space time.  The thing could be reached with a spike drive 2 or better. This will free the Spawn and its Mi Go followers who are within the husk of the ship! 
     There is a 60% chance of this world being moved by the Outer Gods and its rich monstrous forces being needed else where in the universe. Few know that there is fully functioning Mi Go battle world within the clouds here! It is held here by an ancient curse. The thing is rife with tech level four artifacts of an organic nature of the MiGO!
     For each day spent within this world's atmosphere there is a 40% of encountering some random Lovecraftian horror suited for life among the clouds of the damned! 

    'The Battle of Back Alley' was named for the human fleet's tactic of stopping a Lom Battle Fleet Pyramids by detonating a planar device within each of their Spike drives. This tactic created the sacrifice necessary to stop the Outer God's slave machine minds from wiping out nine worlds of human and allied alien forces. This even created a planar back alley into the system. A bubble of non reality connecting six different planar dimensional locations that never had intersection with each other. Various truly weird technological artifacts show up in nearby interstellar markets. 
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