Monday, June 10, 2013

Hartford Betamax Black Book Edition Stars Without Number Campaign Influence- Gene Sliced Space Vikings Raiders!

Down from between the dead stars the progeny of a thousand generations of gene sliced warriors they come. Warriors who plunder, raid, and rape thousands of worlds under the landing gears of their black space craft. 
The Gene Sliced Space Vikings come and let no no man resist their weapons or their wars for they are coming to your planet's shores! 
File:Powerfull berserker viking warrior.jpg

Gene Sliced Space Vikings Raiders
No Appearing 1d8
Armor Class: 2 
Hit Dice: 3
Attack Bonus: +3 
Damage: 2d8 Energy Spear 
Skill Bonus:+1 
Saving Throw 15+
Movement: 30'
Gene Spliced Warriors from beyond the stars who came in their 'long boat ships' from across the stars. Armed with energy spears, custom power armor, and vibro axes of incredible power these warriors divide themselves into clans and houses. They use merchants, traders, and who next works of spies to weave themselves through out the known universe picking out the richest worlds for plunder and more! 


This sound track as well!


  1. On a tangent, did you ever play the video game Rune? It's an old game now, but is still full of third-person viking goodness. Pretty good soundtrack too.

  2. Can't actually say that I have but I'll check it out very soon. Thanks for the comment Tom. More coming up tomorrow.


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